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Nutrition Unit 7th Grade Health

What are the six nutrients? carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water
What three nutrients give us energy? carbohydrates, proteins and fats
What are calories? they are how we measure how much energy a certain food has.
How many calories does carbohydrates have per gram? 4 calories
How may calories does protein have per gram? 4 calories
How many calories does fat have per gram? 9 calories
What are empty calories? they are foods with high calories but low nutritional value.
Starches (bread, pasta and rice) are what type carbohydrates? Complex
Sugars (chocolate) are what type of carbohydrates. Simple
When our bodies burn calories, what do we burn first? carbohydrates
Fiber can help prevent some cancer, which one? Colon
Which type of fat is solid or semi solid at room temperature? Saturated
Which type of fat is liquid at room temperature? Unsaturated
Which cholesterol is good. HDL or LDL? HDL
Proteins are made of up? Amino Acids
How many amino acids are essential? 9
Which nutrient is burned second for it's energy? Protein
What is the difference between "Complete" and "Incomplete" proteins? Complete has all the essential amino acids
What are the two types of vitamins? Fat Soluble and Water Soluble
How do we get rid of the extra water soluble vitamins? Through our urine
What is "Nutrient Deficiency"? occurs when our body does not have enough of the 6 nutrients needed to function properly
What percent or our bodies are water? 55-75%
If you have headaches, what nutrient might help? water
How much water should we have per day on the average? 64 oz. (8 glasses/8 oz each)
What are some early symptoms of dehydration? fatigue, loss of appetite and dry eyes
What are the ABC's of good health? A= Aim for Fitness B= Build a healthy base C=Choose sensibly
What makes a food "Junk Food"? Depends on the nutrients it provided relative to how many calories it contains
What does it mean to be a vegetarian? They limit their diet to few or no animal products, usually no meat except seafood.
What does it mean to be "Vegan"? They will not eat any animal products
What is a big dietary concern for vegetarians and vegans? They may not not get enough protein.
Created by: raydavis
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