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Spanish Vocab.

(classmate or other young person) What is your name? ?Como te llamas?
(adult) What is your name? ?Como se llama usted?
My name is... Me llamo...?
Who is... ?Quien es...?
What is her/his name? ?Como se llama el/ella?
He/She is... El/Ella is...
His/Her name is... El/Ella se llama...
Good morning,sir. Buenos dias,senor.
Good afternoon,miss. Buenas tardes,senorita.
Good evening,ma'am. Buenas noches,senora.
Goodbye Adios.
Good night. Buenas noches.
See you later. Hasta luengo.
See you tomorrow. Hasta manana.
See you soon. Hasta pronto.
See you. Nos vemos.
I have to go. Tengo que irme.
Hi,how are you? Hola,?como estas?
How's it going? ?Que tal?
(adult) How are you? Como esta usted?
I'm fine. Estoy bien.
All right. regular/so-so.
Not so good. Mas o menos.
(masculine) This is... Este es...
(feminine) This is... Esta es...
Classmate Companero(a) de clase
Teacher Profesor(a)
Nice to meet you. Encantado(a)/mucho gusto.
Likewise. Igualmente.
Girl/boy Muchacho(a)
Best friend Mejor amigo(a)
Student Estudiante
Where are you from? De donde eres?
(adult) Where are you from? De donde es usted?
Where is...from? De donde es...?
I'm from the United States. Soy de Estados Unidos.
He/She is from Cuba. Es de Cuba.
Spring La primavera
Summer El verano
Fall El ontono
Winter El invierno
Today Hoy
Tommorow Manana
Yesterday Ayer
Zero Cero
One Uno
Two Dos
Three Tres
Four Cuatro
Five Cinco
Six Seis
Seven Siete
Eight Ocho
Nine Nueve
Ten Deiz
Eleven Once
Twelve Doce
Thirteen Trece
Fourteen Catorce
Fifteen Quice
Sixteen Dieciseis
Seventeen Diecisiete
Eighteen Dieciocho
Nineteen Diecinueve
Twenty Veinte
Twenty one Veintiuno
Twenty two Veintidos
Twenty three Veintitres
Twenty four Veinticuatro
Twenty five Veinticinco
Twenty six Veintiseis
Twenty seven Veintiseiete
Twenty eight Veintiocho
Twenty nine Veintinueve
Thirty Treinta
Thirty one Treinta y uno
What's today's date? ?Que fecha es hoy?
What day is today? Que dia es hoy?
It's the(day)of(month) Es el primero(day)de(month)
Today is(day) Hoy es(day)
Monday Lunes
Tuesday Martes
Wednesday Miercoles
Thursday Jueves
Friday Viernes
Saturday Sabado
Sunday Domingo
It is (a certain time) Son las
It is (a certain time;1:00-2:00) Es la
Minutes<30 State the hour and minutes
Minutes>30 Subtract the minutes from the NEXT hour.
De la manana in the morning(AM)
De la tarde in the afternoon
De la noche at night(PM)
It is midnight Es medianoche
It is noon Es mediodia
Perro Dog
Gato Cat
Conejo Rabit
Pajaro Bird
Pez Fish
Arana Spider
Caballo Hores
Gallina Hen
Tortuga Turttle
Hamster Hamster
Serpiente Serpent
Ardilla Squirrel
Tigre Tiger
Leon Lion
Oso Bear
Zorro Fox
Mono Monkey
Lobo Wolf
Cerdo Pig/hog
Ciervo Deer
Vaca Cow
Mofeta Skunk
Elefante Elephant
Pato Duck
Pollitos/Polluelos Baby chic
Gorila Gorilla
Loro Parrot
Rana Frog
Ganso Goose
Raton Rat
Oveja Sheep
I have a question... Tengo una pregunta...
How do you say...? ?Como se dice...?
How do you spell...? ?Como se escribe...
I don't understand. Could you repeat that? No entiendo.?Puede repetir?
More slowly,please. Mas despacio,por favor.
What does it mean? Que significa?
Thank you. Gracias.
I'm sorry. Perdon.
Yes? What is it? ?Si? Dime.
You say... Se dice...
It's spelled... Se escribe...
Yes,of course. Claro que si.
No,I don't know. No,no se.
Yes,it means... Si significa...
You're welcome. De nada.
It's okay. Esta bien.
Created by: jrpeeler
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