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Geography Terms

terms for my 1st 9 weeks test

Culture way of life of a group of people who share traditions, interests and beliefs.
Subsistence Farming traditional agriculture whose goal is to produce just enough to eat for a family or a village to survive
Population Distribution the pattern of population-where people live-in a country, continent, or the world.
Population Density average number of people in a square mile or square kilometer.
Tornado a violent windstorm with rotating winds and a funnel shaped cloud
Hurricane a large, powerful windstorm that forms over warm ocean waters
Tsunami Japanese term for a huge sea wave caused by an undersea earthquake
Pollution the existence of impure, unclean, or poisonous substances in the air, water, and land environment.
Civilization a culture that has organized a social, economic, and political system, built cities, and achieved a certain level of development in the art and sciences.
History the study of written information about events and people in the past
Prehistory the time in peoples past before written records were kept
Culture Hearth a center where cultures developed and from which ideas and traditions spread outward
Cultural Diffusion the spread of ideas, customs, goods, and people from one culture to another.
Culture Region division of earth based on a variety of factors, including government, social groups, economic systems, language, or religion
Government a group or nations political systems
Standard Of Living a measure of peoples quality of life, based on access to material goods such as income, food, and housing.
Economic System the way in which the people of a country produce and distribute goods and services
per Capita income the total income of a country or region divided by the number of people, income per person
free enterprise an economic system in which private businesses operate with little interference with the government
capitalism economic system based on free enterprise, in which individuals own and use capital
socialism political philosophy that originally called for ownership of all land and factories by peasants and workers, now refers to government ownership of some or all means of production
language family group of related languages that all have developed from other earlier languages
Created by: hillgerb