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Supplement Blood

Materia Medica III

Which 2 organs have the closest relationship with blood storage and distribution? HT & LV
LV and KD are of the same __________. Source
LV ________ the blood, KD _________ the essence. Stores
KD essence and LV blood are mutually ________. Engendering
Which blood supplementing medicinal deeply nourishes yin blood essence, replenishes marrow, supplements the blood of LV and HT and enriches the yin of KD and LV? Shu Di Huang, Rehmanniae Radix Preparata
What is the dosage, temp, nature and channel entry of Shu Di Huang? 10-30g - Sweet, Sl.warm - KD, LV, (HT)
How can you counteract the heavy cloying properties of Shu Di Huang? Toast with Sha Ren or Chen Pi - or ginger fry
What function does Shu Di Huang have when it is charred? Stops bleeding
Which blood supplementing medicinal dispels cold, quickens the blood, moistens intestines, engenders flesh and treats cough? Dang Gui, Angelicae Sinensis Radix
What are the nature and temp of Dang Gui? Sweet - Acrid - (Bitter) - Warm
For Dang Gui, the head is the most ___________. Supplementing
For Dang Gui, the tail is the most effective for _________________. Moving the blood
For Dang Gui, the body is slightly more supplementing that ____________. Quickening
What is it about the temperature of Bai Shao that makes the LV yin happy? Bai Shao is slightly cold
Name 2 functions of Bai Shao, Radix Paeoniae Lactifloae. 1.Engenders blood and regulates menses -2.Calm LV yang -3.Emoliate LV and relieve pain -4.Constrain yin and check sweating
Bai Shao is used with Dang Gui, Shu Di Huang and Chuan Xiong for... Blood deficiency stasis
Bai Shao is used with _____________ to harmonized in treating LV depression and LV SP disharmony. Chai Hu
Bai Shao is used with ___________ for wind cold with sweating and defense construction disharmony. Gui Zhi
Si Wu Tang (Four substance decoction)is a blood nourishing formula that contains Dang Gui, Shu Di, Bai Shao and Chuan Xiong. What is the role of each medicinal in this formula? DG:Engender & harmonize blood, nourish LV and regulate menses. -SD:Enriches yin and supplements blood -BS:Constrains yin, Nourish blood, emoliate LV & harmonize construction. -CX:Quicken blood, move stagnation, move blood and qi to unblock the body.
Which 2 blood supplementing herbs are slightly toxic? Both Zhi and Sheng forms of He Shou Wu
Which form of He Shou Wu tonifies the LV & KD? Zhi He Shou Wu, Polygoni multiflori radix preparata
Which form of He Shou Wu moistens intestines and unblocks the bowels? Sheng He Shou Wu, Polygoni multiflori radix
Which form of He Shou Wu nourishes blood and augments the essence? Zhi He Shou Wu
Which form of He Shou Wu relieves fire toxin and checks maleria? Sheng He Shou Wu
Which form of He Shou Wu expels wind from the skin by nourishing blood? Sheng He Shou Wu
Which form of He Shou Wu is astringent, sweet bitter and slightly warm? Zhi He Shou Wu
Which form of He Shou Wu goes to the LV, HT and LI? Sheng He Shou Wu
Which is more cloying: Zhi He Shou Wo or Shu Di Huang? Shu Di Huang
Shu Di Huang and Zhi He Shou are similar. Which one primarily enters the kidneys to supplement essence and secondarily enters the LV to supplement blood? Shu Di Huang (Zhi He Shou Wu is primary to LV and 2nd to KD)
Which blood supplementing medicinal calms the shen, staunches bleeding, enriches LU yin and moistens dryness? E Jiao, Asini Corii Colla
How is E Jiao decocted? Add to decoction at the very end and immediately remove from heat, allow to dissolve for 5 minutes, then remove from pot.
Which 2 herbs both enter the LV & KD, nourish blood, enrich KD yin, treat blood vacuity, menses irregularities and problems associated with pregnancy? Shu Di Huang and E Jiao
Which blood supplementing medicinal is used when SP qi vacuity is failing to engender HT blood causing insomnia and digestive issues? Long Yan Rou, Longan arillus
Which herb is in both supplement blood and supplement yin category? Go Qi Zi
Go Qi Zi goes to the LV, LU & KD, it moistens the LU and nourishes LV blood especially for issues involving which part of the body? Eyes
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