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Level E Units 13-15

Sadlier Oxford Vocab - Level E - Units 13-15

antipathy strong dislike, hostility, enmity
applicable relevant, suitable, appropriate, fit
asset something of value, a resource, posession, property
beset to attack from all sides, surround, harass, torment (also adj., harassed, troubled)
compassion pity, sympathy, concern, empathy
decorum proper behavior, orderliness, propriety
duress intimidation, coercion
exuberant lively, enthusiastic, unrestrained
facsimile an exact copy, replica, duplicate, clone
imbibe to drink, take in, absorb, digest
implacable unyielding, relentless, inexorable
infinitesimal tiny, microscopic, unnoticeable
innocuous harmless, feeble, insignificant
militate fight against, oppose, counter
patent copyright, exclusive licence, evident
prowess bravery, valor, courage
sedate quiet, settled, composed
stentorian loud, thundering, deafening
stipulate specify, contract, require as a condition of agreement
ultimatum final proposal, final terms, statement of conditions
alacrity cheerful readiness, promptness, willingness (noun)
alleviate relieve, lessen, make more bearable
antithesis the opposite, contary
appall to shock, stun, horrify
bellicose quarrelsome, aggressive, combative
disparage to belittle, undervalue, degrade
dissonant not in harmony, disagreeing, grating
droll comical, humerous, whimsical
edict command, decree, proclamation
elucidate explain, interpret, clarify
laud praise, exalt, glorify
loll lounge, loaf, recline, act lazy
loquacious talkative, gossipy, garrulous
magnanimous generous in forgiving, unselfish, charitable, noble
mandatory required, obligatory
nondescript ordinary, plain, unremarkable
phlegmatic slow-moving, sluggish, unemotional, indolent
rescind cancel, withdraw, revoke
vivacious lively, spitited, animated
whet to sharpen, to make keen or eager, stimulate
abrasive harsh, grating, erosive
acclimate adapt, accustom
chagrin irritation or humiliation caused by dissappointment or frustration, mortification, vexation, (also verb, mortify)
complacent self-satisfied, smug, pleased with oneself
concur agree, approve, ratify
defamation slander, mudslinging, libel
explicate explain, clarify, interpret
fracas a noisy quarrel or brawl, altercation, row
qrotesque unnatural, distorted, bizarre
pandemonium a wild uproar, chaos, commotion
raucous disorderly, clamorous, boisterous
receptive open to suggestions, tolerant, open-minded
renounce give up something, disown, abdicate
repress hold back, subdue, stifle, constrain
reticent reserved, reluctant, not inclined to speak
savory tasty, appetizing, flavorful
somnolent sleepy, drowsy, groggy
vehement intense, forceful, powerful
voluble characterized by a ready flow of words, fluent, garrulous
zealous eager, earnest, devoted
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