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15 Words

15 Vocab Words

Dapper Someone or something that is neat
Nix Something unnormal
Enrolled OfficiAly register somewhere
Gruffly Something said in a nasty or mean tone
Plastered Drunk or out of it
Wherewithal Something with funds or financial things
Resolve To settle or find a solution
Denoument The final part of something
Elicit To draw out a plan
Prodigy An expert as something
Cagey To give information
Demeanor Outward behavior
Pelting Attacking someone repeatedly hurting them
Conjure To make something appear as if it was magic
Duress To threaten something or someone
Rappel Descend a rock face
Ascent Go up or climb
Precarious Not secure or in the right grip
Searing Extreme heat
Exertion A physical or memtal effort
Demoralizing Cause someone to lose hope
Audacious Showing fear towards risks
Enunciating Say or pronounce something clearly
Asphyxiation Choke someone and deplete their air
Contraband Good s that have been exported illegally
Created by: 19THarcourt