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Shar's Rad Tech Rev

Rad Tech position review

Finger / Thumb 3 views: AP; Lat; Oblique (effected side down) TT - 40" 1 8x10 film - Effected fingers = w/IR NOTE! Palm down is PA - Palm up is AP.
Hand 3 views: PA; PA oblique; fan Lateral TT - 40" - 2 films - - 8x10; 10x12 - PA on 8x10; divide 10x12 in 1/2; put other 2 views one on each side
Wrist 4 views: PA, PA Obl, Lat, Ulner deviation. NOTE! Patient to make fist. Ulner deviation needs 15-20 deg cephalic angle TT; 40" 1- 10x12 film divided into 1/4. One view in each quarter
Forearm 2 view - AP & Lateral - both on 1- 14x17 film. AP: Must have both wrist & elbow on film PALM UP. On other 1/2 of film, bend elbow 90 deg. True Lat. when humerus is = to film
Elbow 3 view: AP; Ex. Obl; Lateral FILM: 3-10x12 OR 1-10x12 & 1- 8x10. AP: extend arm flat w/palm up. Center @ elbow to incl 4" of humerus & forearm. Ex. Obl: Inside of elbow externally rotated 45 deg. to film. Lateral: 90 deg flexion of forearm. THUMB UP
Humerus 2 view: AP & Lat. FILM: 2 - 14x17 align diagonal. Include both elbow and shoulder joint. Center mid humerus. NOTE! In trauma, don't rotate arm.
Shoulder 4 view: Ex.Rotation; Int.Rotation; Scapula Y; Axillary. FILM: 4-10x12@40". Center at shoulder joint for all views. Ex. Rotation: epicondyle plane = to film. Int. Rotation: epicondyle plane ┴ to film. Scapula Y: place effected hand on NON-effected shoulder
Trama Shoulder (Scapula Y; Axillary; Transthoracic) Scapula Y: 40". Place effected hand on NON-effected shoulder. Effected side closet to IR in 45 deg Obl. Center 1” medially to be over the body of the scapula. Axillary: patient supine. Shoot inferior/superior projection through armpit
Clavicle 2 view: AP & AP Axial on 2-10x12 films. 40" CR perpendicular to mid clavicle to include both AC & SC joints. AP Axial 15-30 deg cephalic
Scapula Scapula Y: place effected hand on NON-effected shoulder. Effected side closet to IR in 45 deg Obl. Center 1” medially to be over the body of the scapula
AC Joints 1 view: both joints on 1-14x17 film @72". CR perpendicular 1" above jugular notch. If no frx, do Bilateral AP. NOTE! Do w/out weights 1st to rule out a fracture. If no fracture, do with 5-8# weights (ave. size person)or 8-10# (lge person)to open joint
Trauma Upper Extremity (non-shoulder)
Created by: ClassyLady