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Chap 2. Neuro Anato

Neuron A nerve cell; Building blocks of nervous system
Dendrite The bushy, branchy extensions of a neuron that receive messages and conduct impulses toward the cell body
Axon The extension of a neuron; Messages pass to other neurons or to muscles or glands
Myelin A layer of fatty tissue sentimentally encasing the fibers of many neurons; educes greater transmission speed of neural impulses as one node to another
Action potential A neural impulse
Threshold The level of stimulation required to trigger a neural impluse
Neurotransmitters - Behavior Chemical messengers that traverse the synaptic gaps between neurons
Endorphins "morphine within" - Natural neurons linked to pain control and pleasure
ACH - Acetylcholine Enables muscle actions, learning, and memory MEMORY
Dopamine Influences movement, learning, attention, and emotion EMOTION
Serotonin Mood, hunger, sleep and arousal MOOD
Norepinephrine Helps control alertness and arousal AROUSAL
GABA A major inhibitory neurotransmitter
Glutamate A major excitation neurotransmitter, involved in memory
Hypothalamus Hunger and sex
Amygdala Motion
Hippcampus Memory
Thalamus Relay center - controls direction
Cerebellum Movement and balance
Medulla Heart rate breathing
Primary motor area Movement
Primary somatosesnsory area Sensation
Frontal lobe Inhibit inappropriate impulses
Parietal lobe Body sensation
Temporal lobe Hearing
Occipital lobe Vision
Brocas Area Speech, (left hemisphere)
Wernicks Area Interpreiting audio, talking
Corpus Callasum Axon connecting both hemispheres
CT scan Computed tomography
PET scan Positron emission tomography
MRI scan Magnetic resonance imaging
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