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RADT 334 X-ray tube

radiographic physics review covering X-ray tube

What are the three main components of the x-ray imaging system? the tube, the operating console, and the high voltage generator
What is the purpose of the operating console? controls the voltage applied to the x-ray tube, and controls the current through the x-ray tube and exposure time
What is the purpose of the line voltage meter? it is the power supply of the x-ray circuit
That does the autotransformer do? supplies a precise voltage to the filament and high voltage circuit
What is the line voltage compensator? controls the voltage coming in to 220 v
What does kVp control? the quality of the beam
What does mAs control? the quantity of the beam
What are the four types of exposure timers? synchronous, electron, mAs timers, AEC
What are the three primary parts of the high voltage generator? high voltage transformer, the filament transformer, and rectifiers
What is rectification? converting alternating current to direct current. allows current to flow in one direction
Which generator generally produces the best x-rays? three phase six pulse
What is the ripple of a half wave? 100%
What is the ripple of three phase six pulse? 14%
What is the ripple of three phase, twelve pulse? 4%
What is the ripple of three phase high frequency? 1%
What is the ripple of a full wave? 100%
What is the purpose of a fuse? keeps volts from back tracking and electrocuting the technologist
How many volts should the operating console operate on? 220 v
How many windings does the autotransformer have? single winding
How many amps does the filament circuit run on? 5-8 amps
What kind of current must the x-ray tube have? direct current
What is a diode? electronic device that contains two electrodes whose electrons from on one direction
What are the types of generators? single phase, three phase, high frequency, capacitor discharge
Created by: aweisman