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Reagan - China

Define Ancient Something from long, long ago
Define Climate The kind of weather over a period of time
Describe China's climate The weather changes, so it has seasons
On what continent is China located? Asia
What does China's geography include? Mountains, plateaus, deserts, hills and river
why was the Great Wall built? To protect China from outside invaders.
What were ancient Chinese rulers called? Emperors
What is a dynasty? Several rulers who belonged to the same family
How did they get their food? They fished and farmed.
What crops did they grow? Rice and wheat
How did they water their crops? They used an irrigation system that had paddles.
What are Chinese symbols used in writing called? Characters
What is the Chinese style of writing called? Calligraphy
On what did the Chinese base their calendar? The moon
What holiday do they celebrate in late January or early February? The Chinese New Year
Name some things the Chinese invented silk cloth, kites, fireworks, the compass, the wheelbarrow, ice cream, paper, paper art, and the clock
Where does silk come from? Silk worms
China has many different kinds of plants. What plant is grown in China that pandas like to eat? bamboo
What do the color red and the dragon mean? Good luck, strength, wisdom and goodness
What do the Chinese believe that the color red and the dragon will do for them? Scare evil away
China has the highest population in the world, with how many people? over 1 billion (1.34 on the 2012 census)
The highest mountain range in the world is in China. What is it called? The Himalayas
China has the longest canal in the world. What is it called? Chinese Grand Canal
China has the largest structure in the world. What is it called? The Great Wall of China
The largest plateau in the world is in East Asia. What is it called? The Plateau of Tibet, sometimes called the Roof of the World
What desert is near the Great Wall of China? The Gobi Desert
What river runs through the Great Wall of China? Yellow River
What river runs into the Plateau of Tibet? The Yangtze River
The earth's highest mountain is in the Himalayan mountains. What is it called? Mt. Everest
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