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Johnson - Technology Unit 3, Lesson 1

Assembly a group of components that are put together to make a system or subsystem
Brand Loyalty when a consumer generally purchases products or services from or made by the same manufacturer
Breakdown when a component or system is not functional, is worn out or used up
Computer Control A manufacturing procedure that allows a designer to develop and program a piece of equipment to complete parts using the computer to control the machine components
Custom Manufacturing a process that involves specialization in the process of creating a specific product. The completed product is created in small batches or individually to meet a specific need, rather than for mass production and sales
Customer Service providing a service experience to the consumer, before, during and after a purchase, such as helping someone to decide on a product, treating the customer with respect during the sale and providing replacement parts
Funtionality the quality of a product or service that meets the needs or purpose of the consumer well
Interaction the direct effect that one component or subsystem has on another system
Malfunction when a component, system or subsystem malfunctions, it is no longer working properly or as it should
Robotics a machine that is capable of doing the work of a person, controlled by programming or hardware to complete a specific task, often one that is repetitive, difficult or dangerous for a person.
Service in this case, service is referring to the continued customer service after a sale, such as visiting a home to repair a malfunctioning appliance
Subsystem a smaller system that is part of a larger system, such as braking system being part of the larger system of a car
Troubleshooting the process of finding problems or malfunctions within a system and correcting them to restore system functionality
Warehouse a storage facility for goods and services, a central location for shipping
Warranty a written guarantee or promise from the manufacturer to the consumer to repair or replace a product if it proves to be faulty
Created by: ndmsteach
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