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PC Pos & Drap


for orthopnea, dysphagia & increased intracranial pressure you would... elevate the upper body
a trochanter roll is used to manage excessive hip external rotation
all of the following techniques are appropriate for positioning the lowback for treatment two pillows under the knees in supine, a wedge under the upper body in supine, a lumbar roll in sidelying
T or F While putting a pillow under a painful upper extremity, lifting it by holding onto the pt's hand is acceptable false
neutral position of the hand includes slight wrist ___ and thumb ___ extension, abduction
T or F You are treating a pt's cervical spine with US and massage, if you drape correctly the pt's hair will not get wet or gooey false
in sitting with the left lower extremity elevated, the wt bearing is shifted more to: the right
the best way to keep a pt from sliding out of a chair is to keep the hips flexed to 90 degrees
a bedridden pt's knee has gotten tight and you cannot get it to complete extension. Name this contracture knee flexion contracture
T or F PT interventions for a pressure sore can include a positioning program, modalities to promote healing, wound debridement true
with a pt with knee flexion contracture what is not a good rx for the problem? high velocity manual stretching ex
the WC cushion is used to prevent a pressure sore because it: redistributes the pressure
all of the following areas are at high risk for pressure sore development in supine: sacrum, heels, greater trochanter
stage 1 pressure sore... non-blanchable erythema of intact skin- still red after 20 min without pressure
shear significantly increases the chances of pressure sore development over the sacrum when the HOB is elevated > 30 degrees
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