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PC Fitness Center

quiz + some from notes

How far should the participant pull down the bar on the lat pull machine? base of neck
What is the maximum heart rate of a 45 y.o. female? 220-45=175
Where do you place your hands during the sit & reach test? one hand on top of the other
T or F- A participant with a resting pulse rate of 57 BPM can proceed with fitness testing. true
During the step test, the participant's legs get too tired and she has to stop before the 3 minutes are up. All of the following must be documented... a one minute recovery pulse rate, why she had to stop, how long into the test when she stopped
What are the CONTRAINDICATIONS for doing the fitness test? RHR greater than 100 BPM, BP > 140/90 mmHg for persons 18-50, BP > 160/95 for persons over 50.
What is the most likely consequence of a participant placing only part of his/her foot on the step during the 3-minute step test? sore calves
Your client has been told to keep his heart rate between 70-85% of his MHR during aerobic exercise. This is his ____ heart rate zone. target
After the 3-minute step test, how long, is the recovery pulse count? one minute
You are going to determine the maximum amount of weight the client can lift one time (a 1 RM test)on the leg press. If the client is positioned correctly on the leg press machine for testing: his knees should be bent no more than 90 degrees
For the sit-and-reach test, the ruler is placed at the ___ inch mark on the edge of the step 15
T or F - ANY client with a history of back problems should NOT do the sit-and-reach test: false
What are the correct sites for skin fold measurements on a man: pectoralis, umbilicus, thigh
Which describes the correct arm position during the 1-minute curl-up test: arms crossed over chest
T or F-You are doing a 1 RM test with the shoulder pres. Determining the 1 RM within 10 lifts/trails is a good technique. false
T or F- A 62 y.o. female with a BP of 150/92 mmHg is acceptable for fitness testing. true
What angle is the pinch for the suprailiac for skin fold measurement? diagonal
What part of fitness testing should a pregnant client do? resting blood pressure and pulse
T or F- You are going to do a 1 RM test with the leg curl machine. Having the client practice on the machine with a light weight for a few reps is a bad idea. false
T or F- During the 3-minute step test, possible signs of cardiac problems include nausea, chest tightness, or severe shortness of breath. true
normal values for BP 110/60 - 140/80 mmHg
locations to measure to the nearest 1/4" for girth measurements for men extended biceps (midway between elbow & tip of shd), chest (at nipple level), waist, thigh (max girth of thigh, just below gluteal folds)
locations to measure to the nearest 1/4" for girth measurements for women extended biceps, chest, waist, hips, thigh
ideal percent body fat for men 14-19%
ideal percent body fat for women 20-25%
locations for skin-fold measurements for men chest, abdomen, thigh
locations for skin-fold measurements for women triceps, suprailiac, thigh
val salva holding breath
Created by: jessigirrl4