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Unit 3

Motion and Work vocab

Your AnswerDefinition or Question
Work when a force causes an object to move in the same direction of the force it is called
Air Resistance when falling an object is falling though molecules that push up on the object, what are those molecules called?
Terminal Velocity When an object stops gaining speed as it falls. All objects will have a max velocity and from that point on it will fall at a constant rate. What term does this describe?
Free Fall what is it called when an object has gravity acting on it pulling it down and there are no other forces acting on it.
Centripetal Force v. Centrifugal Force In orbiting objects gravity pulls towards the center causing an object to circle another object. Like the Moon and the Earth. What is this called? If an object flies off of a circular path, what is this called?
Projectile motion this is the curved path an object follows when it is thrown near the Earth's surface.
horizontal motion a motion parallel to the ground for example _____>
vertical motion a motion perpendicular from the ground ^
Newton's first law an object at rest or in motion will remain at rest or in motion, unless acted upon by an outside unbalanced force. It is because of Inertia. What law is this?
Newton's 2nd law the acceleration of an object depends on the mass of the object and the amount of force applied. What law is this?
Newton's 3rd law for every action force, there is an equal and opposite reaction force. What law is this?
inertia What is the tendency of an object to resist any change in motion, it is due to on objects mass.
F=ma What is the formula for force?
p=mV What is the formula for Momentum (p) which would explain that It is harder to stop a huge semi truck than it is to stop a Geo (small car).
W=Fd What is the formula for Work?
Joules What is the unit used to express work in Nm?
gravity What is the force of attraction between objects due to their mass and how near they are from each other?
power What is the rate at which energy is transferred?
Law of Conservation of Momentum when an object hits another object some or all of the momentum of the first object is transferred into the second object. The total amount of momentum is always the same in a collision if there are no other forces acting on it. This describes what Law?
Explains: colliding objects In Newton's cradle we see that if one ball is dropped into the other balls the momentum transfers though them and pops the ball at the end out. momentum travels through to the last ball, this Explains?
This describes : how gravity effects projectile motion As an object is thrown, the forward motion stays the same, but Gravity pulls it down causing the path to curve towards the Earth.
draw it: a picture showing one object not moving (balanced) and another object moving (unbalanced) Draw and label a diagram of balanced and unbalanced forces
keep multiplying the seconds of fall by 9.8 meters per second squared calculate the falling acceleration of a 10g object at 1 second, 2 seconds, and 5 seconds
work is not done if the forces are not traveling in the same direction ======> What is not work?
the plotted points will increase on a graph in the same rate/slope tilted upward. Draw a distance-time graph showing a car going at a constant speed
the plotted points will increase with time Draw a distance-time graph showing a car with positive acceleration
The graph would have time on the bottom and distance on the side. the points plotted would climb in distance and then the distance will not change. It will result in a line horizontally Draw a distance-time graph showing a car stopping
Something that is not a push or a pull Describe what is NOT a Force
calculate this Two cars collide head on. They were both going 65 mph. How fast did they collide into each other?
Calculate this If you step down with a 300 Newton force, how much force does the Earth push back towards you?
They would all fall equally If there were no air, and there were 3 different sized balls (Large, medium and small) which would hit the ground the fastest?
Yes --because the motion is in the same direction as the force (both are horizontal) If you push a grocery cart, is it work?
No--, because once lifted the force is up vertically, and you are walking forward horizontally. So they are not in the same direction If you carry groceries, is it work?
Inertia an objects resistance to change due to its mass
Newtons (N) Force is measured in...
Do Calculate Potential Energy (J) PE=mgh
Do Calculate Kinetic Energy (J) KE = 1/2mv2 (the 2 is Velocity squared)
Do Be able to use all formulas to solve for different variables. For example rearrange a formula i.e. h= PE/mg