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Chapters 3 & 4

What are the 6 racial groups the government recognizes? American Indian, Alaskan Native, Asian or Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Black, and White
Social economic status, gender, race, and religion are examples of what? Micro-cultural influences on behavior
Latoya is a 6yr. old Hispanic student. Her parents describe her as an excellent reader and ask to have her English class be more challenging. However, her teachers denies Latoya into the higher level. What is this an example of? Under-representation.
A situation in which greater numbers of students of certain groups are placed in Special education is? Over-representation.
Within the dominant culture, instructional procedures, perceptions and identification can affect what? The representation of minority students
What is Culturally Responsive teaching? When a teacher, in an instructional environment, can have respectful strategies and materials for different learning styles while being sensitive to the cultural heritage.
What is the Family systems approach? An interrelated social system with unique characteristics and needs
Affection, self-esteem, and socialization are examples of what? Family functions
Different cultures can view disabilities in a different way. True or false? True
When teaching a group of diverse students, what should you keep in mind, in terms of culture? Always be sensitive, unbiased, nondiscriminatory, and respectful
If you want to make an assessment on one of your students, who should you meet with first? The Parents
Compared to today's society, how might have society perceived Special education in the 1800s? The 1800s blamed genetics and therefore the parents for the disabilities in the child, whereas today, parents are now collaborators with their child's teacher.
Created by: Courtney Beals