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Test #1 Ch. 2

Management Information Systems Ch. 2

What is supply chain management (SCM)? tracks inventory and information among business processes and across companies
What is the supply chain management (SCM) system? The IT system that supports supply chain management
What is Just-in-time (JIT)? The method for producing or delivering a product or service just at the time the customer wants it; a key feature of effective SCM
What is the goal of SCM? to squeeze out every penny of cost possible in the supply chain
What does the customer relationship management (CRM) system do? It uses information about customers to gain insight into their needs, wants and behaviors in order to serve them better
What is a multi-channel service delivery? Part of CRM which means multiple ways in which customers can interact with a business
What does CRM focus on? Sales force automation, customer service and support and marketing campaign management and analysis
What is the business strategy of CRM? Differentiation and focus, top-line initiative and growing the organization
What is the business strategy of SCM? Overall cost leadership, bottom-line initiative and running the organization (RGT) framework; this optimizes fulfillment, logistics, production revenue and profit, and cost and price
What are the classic goals of CRM? treating customers better, understanding their needs and wants, tailoring offerings, and providing "delightful" experiences
What are the 2 IT support systems used for CRM and what are they? Front-office systems (primary interface to customers and sales channels); back-office systems (fulfill and support customer orders); both of these interface to CRM database and analysis and reporting systems
What is E-collaboration and what are the 5 parts it supports? use of technology to support 1) work activities w/ integrated collab. environ. 2) knowledge man. w/ knowledge man. systems 3) social networking w/ social networking systems 4) learning w/ e-learning tools 5) informal collab. to support open-source info
What is integrated collaboration environment (ICE)? The environment in which virtual teams do their work
What is a virtual team? A team whose members are located in varied geographical locations
What two more sophisticated systems can be used as a part of ICE? Workflow system (automation and management of business processes; process loan for a bank, or process sales order, etc) Document management system- manages a document through all stages of processing
What is the knowledge management (KM) system? The IT system that supports the capturing, organizing and dissemination of knowledge throughout the organization; knowledge of facts, sources of info, solutions/patents/trademarks, best-practice processes
What is a social networking site? A site on which you post information about yourself, create a network of friends, read about other people, share content such as photos and videos and communicate with other people
What is a social networking system? The IT system that links you to people you know and from there to people your contacts know (more business focused)
How do you bring together SCM, CRM and e-collabortion systems? With an ERP system
What is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system? The collection of integrated software for business management, accounting, finance, supply chain management, inventory management, customer relationship management, e-collaboration, etc.
What is the vendor SAP's specialties/characteristics and target market? customer relationship management, financial management, human resource management and supply chain management; target market: large business
What is the vendor Oracle/PeopleSoft's specialties/characteristics and target market? financial management, human resource management, and supply chain management; target market: large business
What is the vendor SSA Globl (Baan)'s specialties/characteristics and target market? customer relationship management, financial management, human resource management and supply chain management; target market: large business
What is the vendor Microsoft (Great Plains)'s specialties/characteristics and target market? financial management, distribution, manufacturing, project accounting, human resource management and business analytics; target market: small to medium business
Created by: l4e2w4
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