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Battle 13 characters

Characters from the 2013 BOB selections

CharacterBook Title
Mollie Lee Powerless
Toswiah Green Hush
Cole Matthews Touching Spirit Bear
Evie Thomas Hush
Bobby Phillips Things Not Seen
Boots Gregor the Overlander
Mary Alice A Long Way from Chicago
Tousle Straw into Gold
Sun-jo Peak
Conn The Magic Thief
Alicia Things Not Seen
Herman Plunkett Powerless
Miri Princess Academy
Chip Found
Innes Straw into Gold
Larkin Baby
Johnny Noble Powerless
Mary Lou Absolutely Normal Chaos
Jonah Found
Peter Touching Spirit Bear
Sade The Other Side of Truth
Joey A Long Way from Chicago
Wallace Wallace No More Dead Dogs
Josh Peak
Tom Gallagher The Boy Who Saved Baseball
Simon Powerless
Carl Ray Absolutely Normal Chaos
Henry Gregor the Overlander
Roxy Diamond Willow
Nevery The Magic Thief
Cruz de la Cruz The Boy Who Saved Baseball
Milada Someone Named Eva
Arthur Myers The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp
Peder Princess Academy
Mr. Fogelman No More Dead Dogs
Bernard Samson The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp
Marilla Anne of Green Gables
James Reardon Found
Anechka Someone Named Eva
Steve Cavanaugh No More Dead Dogs
Olana Princess Academy
Sophie Baby
Diana Barry Anne of Green Gables
Zopa Peak
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