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Fitness Unit

Terms & Information from Fitness

muscular endurance the ability of the skeletal muscles to contract repeatly over a period of time.
muscular strength the ability of a muscle group to exert maxium force against a given resistance.
cardiovascular endurance the ability of the heart, lungs and blood vessels to deliver oxygen to working muscles and tissues.
flexibilty the ability of your joints to move througha full range of motion.
body composition refers to the makeup of lean tissue and fat tissue in the body.
aerobic exercise any activity that makes the cardiovascular system work hard in the target heart rate zone for 20 or more minutes.
tareget heart rate (THR) A heart rate that is attained during aerobic exercise and represents the minimum level of exertion at which cardiovascular fitness can increase for an individual in a given age group.
F.I.T. Principle Frequency, Intensity and Time.
Anaerobic Exercise any exercise in which the body's demand for oxygen is greater than the supply
THR for weight loss 60-70%
THR for cardiovascular improvement 70-80%
THR for athletic improvement 80-90%
Pectoral Fly Machine pectoralis major muscle
Rear Deltoid Machine deltoid muscle
Chest Press Machine Pectoralis major muscle
Seated Row Machine latissimus dorsi muscle
Lat Pull Down Machine latissimus dorsi muscle
Tricep Extension Machine tricep muscle
Bicep Curl Machine bicep muscle
Leg Extension Machine quadricep muscle
Seated Leg Press Machine hamstring, quadricep and gluteus
Back Extension Machine erector muscle
Horizontal Calf Machine gastrocnemius muscle
Seated Leg Curl Machine hamstring
Abdominal Crunch Machine abdominals
Shoulder Press Machine deltoids
Created by: Coach Davis
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