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Capitals SE Asia

Capitals in south east asia and oceania

Yangon Burma
Bangkok Thailand
Tiantiane Laos
Hanoi Vietnam
Manilla Phillipines
Kuala Lampur Malaysia
Bandar Seri Begawon Brunei
Jakarta Indonesia
Port Moresby Papua New Guinea
Singapore Singapore
Java Southern island of Indonesia
Sumatra Western Island of Indonesia
Borneo Eastern Island of Indonesia
Irrawaddy river in Myanmar
Mekong river in Cambodia area
Lagos Nigeria
Johannesburg East South Africa
Cape Town West South Africa
Algeirs Algeria
Ougadougou country north of Ghana
Kiev Ukraine
St Petersburg Northwest Russia
Moscow West Russia
Vladivostok Southeast Russia
Novosibirsk South central Russia
Lake Baikal eastern lake in russia
Lake Balkhash east Kazakhstan
Aral Sea west Kazakhstan
Don River western most river in Russia
Volga River Caspian Sea to St. Petersburg area
Ob River closest river east of the Ural Mountains
Yenisey river east of the Ob River
Lena River easternmost river in Russia
Kolyma Mountains Easternmost mountain range in Russia
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