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Vital Signs - 4

Vital Signs are... Pulse, Respiratory Rate, Blood Pressure, Body Temp., and Pulse Ox
Normal pulse 60-100 beats/minute
Where can you get pulse? The radial, brachial, femoral, and corotid arteries.
Normal respiratory rate 12-20 breaths/minute
Normal Blood Pressure 110-120/70-80
Normal Temperature Oral:97.7-99.5 F (36.5-37.5 C) Axillary: 96.7-98.5 F (35.9-36.9 C) Rectal or ear: 98.7- 100.5 F (37.1- 38.1 C)
Normal Pulse Oximetry 95-99% or greater than 93%
Normal Heart Rate 60-100
Low Pulse Ox is a good indicator of? Hypoxemia
What are complications with pulse oximeters? low perfusion incorrectly fitted probe vascular bed is not pulsating dark finger nails, light unable to pass through
what is the accuracy range on a pulse oximeter? + or - 4%
What is a peak flow meter? And how is it used? equipment that measures a patient's exhalation reservoir. the patient is asked to take a deep breath and blowing with all their strength to move the indicator into their green zone.
what is the heart rate for someone who is bradycardic? <60
What is the respiratory rate for someone who is tachypnic? >20
What is the blood pressure for someone with hypotension? <90/60
What is the breathing rate of someone who is Apneustic? long gasping inspirations with insufficient expiration
What are the primary causes for Eupnea? the normal physiology of being a human being
Identify the following breathing pattern: Fast and deep breaths with periods of apnea, no set rhythm. Biot's
Which breathing pattern is normal in newborns and elderly, but abnormal for healthy adults? Cheynes-Stokes
What is a major tool in finding vital sign? stethoscope
What possible causes are Kussmaul's breath sounds an indicator of? DKA, severe hemorrhage, peritonitis, renal failure, and uremia
What is the heart rate for a newborn? 90-180
How would you describe a patient with a pulse strength of 3? full, increased
If a patient's heart rate is greater than 100b/min you would say the patient is....? tachycardic
What is DKA? Diabetic Ketoeacidosis. A shortage of insulin which causes the body to burn fatty acids and produce acidic ketone bodies.
Created by: Marissa M