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Unit 2

Motion and Gravity,Vocab

How do you observe objects in Motion? By using a reference point
explain how two objects can be moving at the same time and speed can have different velocities. The speed doesn't change, but the "direction" does
Which of the following is a measurement of velocity? 16 m East, 55 m/h South, 25 m/s2, 60 km/hr 55 m/h South
explain how two objects at a constant speed can have a different acceleration. The speed is constant but the "direction changes"
what is net force? What is force measured in? ALL of the forces combined on an object, measured in Newtons.
What is a speed that stays exactly the same is called? constant speed
A change in velocity divided by time calculates what? acceleration
an overall increase in acceleration positive acceleration
an overall decrease in acceleration is called? negative acceleration
All of the total distances divided by time calculates what? average speed
an objects change in position relative to a reference point motion
what does this describe? 90km/hr speed
the speed of an object in a particular direction (km/s East) velocity
if the rate of velocity of a car changes, or direction changes, that change is measured as a change in ----- acceleration
a push or a pull is a force
what unit is force expressed in Newton
Friction where no motion is occurring static friction
friction where motion is occurring kinetic friction
what is the formula for acceleration a= change in velocity/ time or a= (Vf-Vi)/ t
what are the two parts of Gravitational Law Large Mass, and nearness, proximity, increases Gravitational attraction
what two things cause friction mass and texture
the amount of matter in an object Mass
a measure of the gravitational pull on an object's mass is called? Weight
while falling, gravity is pulling you how fast? The gravitational tug is to be calculated at 9.8 m/s2 while falling (until you reach terminal velocity) 9.8m/s/s
how can you reduce friction? decrease mass per square inch and lubricate or smooth the surfaces
tell me how an object will move when a net force is applied there must be a force that is greater than the other forces being applied to create "unbalanced forces", causing movement. ****Balanced forces don't cause movement*****
what is average speed? Total distance divided by time
what is constant speed? like cruise control it doesn't change
what is acceleration? a change in velocity, in speed or direction, over time
Jeff long-boards to school each day. This week his times were 21 minutes, 22 minutes, 24 minutes,26 minutes and 19 minutes to go 2 miles to school. What is his average speed?
Use the following data: Jeff long boards to school and today his time was 44 minutes to go 2 miles to school. What was his speed? s=d/t
If a car travels from a stop sign to 10km in 5 seconds, what is the acceleration of the car? a = vf-vi/t
Sara swims on the swim team. This week her times in the 200 meter race were 4 min, 4.5 min, 6.2 min,4.2 min and 4.3 min. What was her average speed?
What is the speed of a cat that falls 4 seconds? G*t G= 9.8m/s 2
Tommy was sledding and started at the top of a hill. After being stopped and pushing off he reached a speed of 30 m/s at the bottom of the hill. It took him 3 seconds. What was his acceleration? a=Vf-Vi/t
What is a Newton? (not the cookie) A measurement of "Force" that equals 1kg 1m/s/s
Do you understand ***Free Body Diagrams and how to calculate net force? You compare all the forces and determine the direction that the item will move.
Do you understand ***time/distance graphs or time/speed graphs? See the examples in the daily classwork. They are covered there.