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Supplement Qi

Materia Medica III

What are the four categories of supplementation? Supplement: Qi, Blood, Yin & Yang
What common flavor of supplementing medicinals can cause them to be cloying? Sweet
What are the five types of Source Qi? 1.Organ 2.Channel 3.Defense 4.Construction 5.Ancestral
What are the 5 functions of Qi? 1.Activation 2.Warming 3.Defense 4.Transformation 5.Containment
When supplementation is used to address qi vacuity, it generally involves these 4 organs and what else? SP - LU - HT - KD - Yuan Qi
What is the strongest herb to supplement source qi? Ren Shen, Panax Ginseng
What are the nature & flavors of Ren Shen? Slightly warm - sweet - Slightly bitter
Which herb in the Supplement Qi category tonifies the source qi, spleen, and lungs as well as generates fluids and calms the shen? Ren Shen
How does Ren Shen augment qi to aid in breathing difficulties? Is assists in the LU-KD qi grasping function
What is a common substitute for Ren Shen? Dang Shen at 12g or more
In the Supplement Qi category, what is the King Herb? Ren Shen
What is Hong Shen (red ginseng) used to supplement? Male function
Which Ginseng is hot? Korean Ginseng (gao li shen)
What is the channel entry for Ren Shen? SP - LU
What is the channel entry for Xi Yang Shen? KD - HT - LU
American Ginseng Root Xi Yang Shen
What is the only cold/cool medicanal in the supplement qi category? Xi Yang Shen
Name 2 functions for Xi Yang Shen. 1.Nourish yin 2.Engender liquid 3.Clear fire 4.Supplement qi
Which is stronger to engender liquid: Xi Yang Shen or Ren Shen? Xi Yang Shen
Which herb in the Supplement Qi category boosts the SP/ST function, supplements LU qi, and nourishes blood and fluids indirectly via qi supplementation? Dang Shen
What is the nature and flavor of Dang Shen? Sweet - Neutral
Does Dang Shen supplement Yuan source qi and calm the shen? No (Ren Shen does)
What is a common preparation of Dang Shen? Cooked as a vegetable
What is the dosage of Tai Zi Shen? 9-30g
Name one function of Tai Zi Shen. 1.Boost SP qi and nourish ST yin 2.Supplement qi and engender liquid
Which generates fluids: Ren Shen, Xi Yang Shen, or Tai Zi Shen? All three
What does Huang Qi do to yang? Upbears Yang
Which herb in the Supplement Qi category boosts the Wei Qi and secures the exterior? Huang Qi, Astragali Radix
Does Huang Qi engender or disinhibit water? Disinhibits water via urination
Can you use Huang Qi to engender the flesh when a heat toxin is present after ulceration? NO, only used to discharge pus when there is a qi vacuity - by bringing fluids and qi to the exterior.
At what layer does Huang Qi deliver qi, blood and fluid? Muscle layer.
Does Huang Qi resolve the exterior? No, it brings qi and fluids to the exterior.
How does Huang Qi engender the blood? It boosts qi which makes the blood
Which three herbs together protect the exterior, build up the SP and sweep away evil at the exterior in the formula Jade Wind Screen (Yu ping feng san? Huang Qi - Bai Zhu - Fang Feng
In the formula "Si Jun Zi Tang" what 4 herbs boost the right qi for general qi vacuity? Ren Shen - Bai Zhu - Fu Ling - Gan Cao
Ren Shen and Fu Zi are paired to supplement the original qi for what indications? Sweating, cold limbs, shortness of breath, collapsed qi and devastated yang
Ren shen, Shi gao and Zhi mu engender _________ and stop _________. Engender fluid and stop thirst
Ren shen is paired with which herb for externally contracted wind cold in qi vacuity? Zi su ye
This Qi Supplementing herb is not cloying; it boosts the qi of the SP & KD, supplements the LU and nourishes yin fluids, checks vaginal discharge and benefits BOTH the yin and yang of the KD and LU. Shan Yao, Radix Dioscoreae Oppositae
What is the channel entry for Shan Yao LU - KD - SP
Although the average dose range for Shan Yao is 9-30g it can be used in what dosages, often as a food herb? Up to 60-250g
Chao Shan Yao is warmer, it can be used more strongly that Shan Yao for what? Fortify SP & yang - Stop diarrhea - Supplement KD - Secure essence
How can Bai Zhu dry dampness, disinhibit water and generate fluids? If there is dampness in the body new fluids cannot be generated; Bai Zhu will drain and dry out old fluids so that the body has room to make new fluids.
Name 3 functions of Bai Zhu. 1.Quiet the fetus - 2.Fortify SP yang qi - 3.Check sweat - 4.Dry damp and disinhibit water - 5.Generate fluid
What is the dose, channel entry, nature and flavor of Bai Zhu, Atractylodis Macrocephalae Rhizoma? 4.5-15g - Bitter - Sweet - Warm - SP - ST
Supplements both the KD and SP. Shan Yao, Radix Dioscoreae Oppositae
For poor splenic transformation and damp turbidity. Bai Zhu, Atractylodis Macrocephalae Rhizoma
Harmonize the center with summer-heat vomiting and diarrhea. Bai Bian Dou, Lablab Semen Album
What is the dose for Bai Bian Dou? 9-30g
Which 3 Qi supplementing herbs enter the SP to supplement the middle burner and benefit the SP/ST and are used for diarrhea and leukorrhea due to SP qi vacuity? Bai Zhu - Bai Bian Dou - Shan Yao
In addition to supplementing the center and boosting qi, Name 3 functions of Da Zao, Jujubae Fructus. 1.Nourish blood -2.Quiet the spirit -3.Harmonize the nature of other medicinals
Da Zao is used as a dui yao with which herb to harmonize the construction and defense? Sheng Jiang
What is the nature of Gan Cao when it is raw vs dry fried? Balanced when raw - Warm when dry fried
Because Gan Cao has a mineralocorticoid effect, in large doses it may cause what? Potassium wasting and hypertension
What is the function of raw Gan Cao vs Honey fried? HONEY FRIED- tonify middle and moderate spasm. RAW- clear heat & resolve toxicity.
Which medicinal harmonizes other medicinals, relaxes tension and relieves pain, dispels phlegm and relieves cough, and supplements the heart and spleen qi? Gan Cao, Glycyrrhizae Radix
With what herb is Gan Cao combined to clear summer heat, disinhibit urination and free strangury? Hua shi (6:1)
Which qi supplementing medicinal supplements KD yang to treat the lumbar and lower limbs? Ci Wu Jia, Acanthopanacis Senticosi Radix et Caulis
Ci Wu Jia goes to which 4 channels? SP - LU - KD - HT
Name 2 functions of Ci Wu Jia. 1.Invigorate blood and unblock channels -2.Quiet the spirit and augment HT qi -3.Supplement KD yang -4.Fortify the SP and boost qi
Si Jun Zi Tang (four gentlemen decoction)contains which 4 herbs? What is the treatment principle? Ren Shen - Zhi Gan Cao - Bai Zhu - Fu Ling. Boost Qi and fortify the SP
Which qi supplementing herb moistens dryness, supplements the center, relaxes tension and can be used topically to resolve toxins? Feng Mi, Mel
What is the dosage of Feng Mi? 6-60g
What is the dosage of Yi Tang? 6-20g
Which qi supplementing medicinal eliminates vexation thirst, checks diarrhea, harmonizes the center and boosts qi? Jing Mi, Orzae Semen
Which qi supplementing medicinal moistens the LU to relieve cough, relaxes tension and supplements the center? Yi Tang, Maltosum
What areas of the body do each Yi Tang and Feng Mi specialize in moistening? Yi Tang (Moisten LU) - Feng Mi (Moisten intestines)
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