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Nautical Terms

Nautical terms

The front mast on a three masted ship Foremast
The middle mast on a three-masted ship Mainmast
The rear-most mast on a three masted ship. Mizzen mast
Sails which are set between the masts of a square-rigged ship Staysails
The lowest sail on the foremast or mainmast Mainsail or "Course"
The second lowest sail on any mast Topsail
The sail rigged above a topsail Gallant
The sail sometimes rigged above a Gallant Royal
Extra sails rigged sometimes on both sides of a mast but not rigged to a yardarm Studdingsails
A sail rigged between the Foremast and the Bowsprit Jib
The frontmost deck on a ship focs'l
The structure running along the bottom of the ship which gives it strength Keel
A ship's kitchen Galley
The floor of a ship Deck
A wall on a ship Bulkhead
Stairs on a ship Ladder
A lower deck just above the hold Orlop
A winch used to hoist sails or raise an anchor Windlass
The Bluenose is this type of ship Schooner
The topmost partof a mast Truck
A lighted stand for a ships compass Binnacle
The light on the left side of a ships is always... Red
The light on the right side of a ship is always... Green
(blank) Avast
To tie something down or cancel and order Belay
Towards the front Fore or Forward
Towards the back Aft or After
A nautical mile 6080 feet
A measure of 6 feet usually used to measure depth of water Fathom
The side of the ship facing the wind Windward
The side of the ship facing away from the wind Lee or Leeward
Heavy lines used to secure the masts to the sides of the ship Shrouds
The rope ladder built into the shrouds used for climbing the mast Ratlines
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