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World Geo, Unit 2

Physical and Cultural Geography of the US & Canda

1st Nation to settle Canada was France
2 common problems in both the US & Canada Urban Sprawl and Terrorism
Atlanta Georgia – financial, trade, and transportation center of the south.
Beringia (Bering Land Straight) Land bridge that the first Americans migrated over from Asia. Settled around water areas (streams and rivers) since water is necessary for survival.
Chicago Illinois – Midwestern industrial, transportation, and cultural hub.
Civil War 19th century, South vs North – South tried to pull away and make its own country, North refused to allow it and fought to keep the country together.
Columbian Exchange Exchange of plants, animals, and diseases between the Europe and North America
Continental Divide Highest point of the Rocky Mountains, significant because it marks the separation between rivers flowing eastward and westward.
Emigration Migration out of a country.
Eskimo / Inuit Largest Native American population in Canada.
Executive Power power to carry out (execute) laws – Federal level: President, State level: Governor
Federated Government Government power is divided between national (federal), state and local governments
First Americans settled where? Around water because it is necessary for survival.
Free enterprise economic system The government exerts little control over businesses, resources, and technology operated for profit by private individuals.
French and Indian War 1754-1763, French and the Indians fought together against the British. Result: France kicked out of North America.
Immigration Migration into a country.
Infrastructure The basic facilities, services, and machinery needed for a community to function are known collectively. (ex: Highway system, irrigation systems, government systems, etc.).
Judicial Branch Interprets laws – court system – Federal Level – Supreme Court, State level – GA Supreme Court
Legislative Branch Government branch that makes laws – Federal level – Congress, State level – GA General Assembly.
Louisiana Purchase 1803 – France sold the US government the plains region between the Mississippi and the Rocky Mountains. US Gained full control of the Mississippi River.
Mega polis several large cities and their metropolitan areas develop together. EX BosWash (Boston to Washington)
Metis Mixed French and Native American culture in Canada.
Midwest region of the US a major farming region and leading producer of industrial goods; contains the “Corn Belt” (Nebraska to Ohio) and the “Dairy Belt” (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan). Also contains “the bread basket” of the United States.
Most Populous in Canada and the US Canada – Toronto, US – New York
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Trade agreement between the US, Mexico, and Canada whereby each country agreed to the free flow of goods and jobs between countries without tariffs
Northeast Region of the US dependent on banks, investment firms, and insurance companies. It is also the most densely populated region of the United States.
Office of Homeland Security Government agency charged with coordinating efforts against terrorism.
Official language of Canada Bi-lingual (French and English)
Parliament Canadian government system where the legislative and executive functions are combined in a legislature.
Post-industrial economy Economy of the US – manufacturing no longer plays a dominant role.
Republic (aka Representative Democracy) People elect representatives to do their will.
Reserve Public land set aside by the government for the Canadian native population. Nunavut is an example.
Service Industries Economic activity that produces a service rather than a product. Canada’s economy is based on this.
Similarities between the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains Similar climate and vegetation
Southeast Region of the US historically an agricultural center but in recent decades new industries like high-tech, automobile, banking, and aerospace have been growing. Seriously helped by air conditioning. Contains the “Bible Belt.”
Tariff a tax on imported goods.
Urban Planning Poor planning that spread a city’s population out over an even wider and wider area.
US Economy relies heavily on….. global trade
Western Region of the US largest region in the United States, deposits of minerals. Economy is dependent on technology, farming, and ranching.
What is the 2nd most common language in Quebec? France
What is the 2nd most common language in the United States? Spanish
What region of the country has the most people of Hispanic origin? Southwest
What region of the United States is growing the fastest? Southeast
What was the Cold War? War of threats and propaganda between the US and the USSR (Soviet Union)
Where do most immigrants to the United States come from? Latin America and Asia
Which major American mountain range is older? Appalachian Mountains
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