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SnackStack Place men

This is the Snack Stack cards for the Place menu assignment 4 Mrs. Hansen

Natural Environment The combination of all the natural things that live around you on planet Earth
Climate The weather condition of a place over a LONG (NOT short) period of time
Atmosphere The envelop of gases surrounding the earth, or another planet
Natural Vegetation Refers to plants that grow naturally in a place with little or no human interference
Culture The characteristics of a group of people (language, religion, etc.)
Landform Natural features of landscape; natural physical features of the Earth's surface
Language Pattern A human system of communication
Infrastructure The basic physical systems of a country's or community's population (building blocks)
Elevation The measure of land's height or depth above or below sea level
Ecosystem A biological community of organisms that interact with each other and the physical environment around them. How they have an affect on each other ties in with this as well.
Weather The state of the atmosphere given at a specific time and place (with respect variables such as temperature, moisture, wind velocity,etc.)
Biomes A large naturally occurring community of plants and animals (major habitat for these things)
Glaciers A slow moving mass of ice formed by the compaction of snow on mountains, or near the poles.
Groundwater Water that is beneath the surface of the ground
Soil The upper-layer of Earth that is usually brown, black, etc., usually consists of a mixture of nutrients from organic remains, clay, and rock particles. And, plants grow in it
Hydrosphere All of the water sources on Earth make this up. (Lakes and Seas, etc.)
Lithosphere The rigid outer part of the Earth consisting of the upper mantle and the crust
Biosphere All of the biomes and ecosystems on earth make this up
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