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Drug classes

Drug classes and their effects

Drug classEffectsAdverse effectsOther
Alpha agonists - alpha 1 Vasoconstriction, mydriasis. Stops bleeding, decongests, used with local anesthesia, elevates b/p, dilation of pupil. Hypertension,sedation, dry mouth and nose, necrosis with IV line, bradycardia. Epinephrine, NE, phenylephrine, ephedrine, dopamine.
Alpha agonists - alpha 2 Little clinical significance.
Beta agonists - Beta 1 HEART Treats heart failure, shock, AV heart block, cardiac arrest caused by asystole. Increases heart rate, force of contraction, velocity of conduction in AV node, elevates bp by changing kidney's renin release. Altered heart rate or rhythm, angina pectoris. Epinephrine, NE, isoproterenol, dopamine, dobutamine, ephedrine.
Beta agonists - Beta 2 LUNGS/UTERUS Bronchodilation to treat asthma/COPD, delay of preterm labor. Hyperglycemia, tremor, headache, angina, cardiac arrhythmias. Epinephrine, isoproterenol, albuterol.
Beta antagonist - beta blockers Hypertension, angina pectoris, hypertension, cardiac dysrhythmias, myocardial infarction, heart failure, hyperthyroidism, migraine prophylaxis, heart blockade, glaucoma. Bradycardia, reduced cardiac output, heart failure, AV heart block, rebound cardiac excitation, bronchoconstriction, hypoclycemia.
Muscarinic agonist - cholinergic Slow heart rate, reduce b/p, increase sweating, salivation, and gastric/bladder secretions, pupil constriction, constricts bronchi. Hypotension, bradycardia, excessive salivation, increased secretion of gastric acid, abdominal cramps, diarrhea
Muscarinic antagonist - anticholinergic Dries respiratory and GI tract secretions, increases heart rate, dilates bronchi, reduces bladder and bowel motility, decreases salivation, sweat, dilates pupils Dry mouth, blurred vision, photophobia, elevation of eye pressure, urinary retention, constipation, decreased sweating, tachycardia, asthma issues.
Adrenergic agonist - catecholamine Increase heart rate, b/p, and blood glucose levels, stimulates renal function, promotes bronchodilation. Treats hypotension. Tachycardia, anginal pain. Cannot be used orally. Brief duration of action. Cannot cross blood brain barrier.
Adrenergic agonist - noncatecholamine Used as stimulant, nasal decongestion, appetite suppressant, treats hypotension. Tachycardia, arrhythmia, tremors, hypertension Longer half lives. Can cross blood brain barrier.
Created by: SherahW