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Axis I Child

Axis I Disorders of Childhood

Learning Disorders Reading, Mathematics, Written Expression Achievement is below the person's chronological age, intelligence, and age-appropriate education
Autistic Disorder 1. Social interaction impairments 2. Communication impairment symptoms 3. Restricted, repetitive, stereotyped behavior, interests, and activities.
Rett's Disorder Apparent normal development through 5 months After which prior to age 5: deceleration of head growth, loss of previously acquired hand skills, loss social engagement, poor motor skills, and impaired language
Childhood Disintegrative Disorder Apparent normal development until age 2. Loss of acquired skills and at least 2 abnormalities: (a)Social interaction impairments, (b) Communication impairments, & (c) Restricted, repetitive, stereotyped behavior, interests, and activities.
Asperger's Disorder Impairments in Social Interactions Restricted, repetitive, stereotyped behavior, interests, and activities.
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Either symptoms of inattention (careless mistakes, difficulty with attention, etc.) or hyperactivity-impulsivity (fidgets, leaves seat, runs/climbs, talks excessively, etc.) or combined
Conduct Disorder Repetitive and persistent behavior against rights of others, societal norms, and rules. For past 12 mths with one symptom in past 6 mths.: Aggression to people & animals Destruction of property Deceitfulness/Theft Serious violations of rules
Oppositional Defiant Disorder Negativistic, Hostile, Defiant Behavior for at least 6 months with 4 of symptoms: Loses Temper Argues with Adults Defies or Refuses to comply Deliberately Annoys others Blames others for their behavior Easily annoyed by others Angry & Resentful
Feeding & Eating Disorders Pica - eating nonnutritive substances Rumination Disorder - Repeated regurgitation & rechewing of food Feeding disorder - failure to eat & failure to gain weight
Tourette's Disorder Motor and vocal tics either daily or intermittent for a year
Elimination Disorders Encopresis (with or without constipation and overflow incontinence) Enuresis (Nocturnal Only or Diurnal Only)
Separation Anxiety Disorder Inappropriate and excessive anxiety concerning separation from home or attached individual: Distress, excessive worry, reluctance/refusal to go elsewhere, fearful to be alone, refusal to sleep with being near person, nightmares, & physical symptoms
Selective Mutism Failure to speak despite having spoke in other situations interferes with educational or occupational achievement, & social communication At least 1 month
Reactive Attachment Disorder persistent failure to initiate or respond in developmentally appropriate manner to social interactions; or Diffuse attachment - indiscriminate sociability
Created by: PsychStudent