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Indications: AD for abdominal distress
Indications: AB for abdominal pain
Indications: AG for aching
Indications: AL for allergy
Indications: AA for anemia
Indications: AK for ankle
Indications: AX for anxiety
Indications: AC for appetite control
Indications: A1 for appetite increase
Indications: AR for arthritis
Indications: AS for asthma
Indications: BA for backache
Indications: BN for back pain
Indications: BW for bedwetting
Indications: BO for bladder
Indications: BL for bloating
Indications: BP for blood pressure
Indications: BT for blood thinner
Indications: B1 for bowels
Indications: BO till bowels normal
Indications: BE for breasts
Indications: BR for breathing
Indications: BC for bronchitis
Indications: BU for burning on urination
Indications: BI for bursitis
Indications: CP for chest pain
Indications: CH for cholesterol
Indications: CI for circulation
Indications: CD for cold symptoms
Indications: CG for congestion & cold symptoms
Indications: CC for congestion & cough
Indications: CO for congestion
Indications: CU for cough
Indications: CN for cold & nasal drainage
Indications: CR for cramps
Indications: CA for cramping & diarrhea
Indications: DF for dandruff
Indications: DP for depression
Indications: DE for dermatitis
Indications: DA for diarrhea
Indications: DB for difficult breathing
Indications: DI for diabetes
Indications: DC for discomfort
Indications: DZ for dizziness
Indications: DR for drainage
Indications: EA for ear ache
Indications: ED for edema
Indications: EP for epilepsy
Indications: EF for excessive fluid
Indications: EM for excessive mucous
Indications: EN for excessive nervousness
Indications: FA for face
Indications: FC for family control
Indications: FG for fatigue
Indications: FL for fluid
Indications: FU for fungus
Indications: GS for gas
Indications: GA for genital area
Indications: GT for gout
Indications: HF for hay fever
Indications: HC for head cold
Indications: HA for head ache
Indications: HT for heart
Indications: HV for hives
Indications: ID for indigestion
Indications: IF for infection
Indications: IR for irritation
Indications: IT for itching
Indications: KD for kidney
Indications: KI for kidney infection
Indications: LX for laxative
Indications: LC for leg cramps
Indications: MC for menstrual cramps
Indications: MP for mild pain
Indications: MR for muscle relaxation
Indications: MS for muscle spasm
Indications: NC for nasal congestion
Indications: NO for nasal obstruction
Indications: NA for nausea
Indications: NG for nausea & vomiting
Indications: PA for pain
Indications: PT for pain & temperature
Indications: PP for palpitation
Indications: PO for prostate
Indications: RX for relaxation
Indications: RT for rest
Indications: RS for restlessness
Indications: RN for runny nose
Indications: RH for runny nose & hoarseness
Indications: SE for seizure
Indications: SN for severe nervousness
Indications: SP for severe pain
Indications: SH for shakiness
Indications: SB for shortness of breath
Indications: SI for sinus
Indications: SC for sinus congestion
Indications: SL for sleep
Indications: SO for sore throat
Indications: SM for stomach
Indications: SS for stool softener
Indications: SW for swelling
Indications: TP for temperature
Indications: TE for tension
Indications: TR till relieved
Indications: TH for thyroid
Indications: UA for uric acid
Indications: UB for urinary burning
Indications: UI for urinary infection
Indications: UR for urinary retention
Indications: UP for upset stomach
Indications: UT up to
Indications: VG for vertigo
Indications: VA for vomiting
Indications: WH for wheezing
Indications: XS for five days
Indications: XS for seven days
Indications: XX for ten days
Indications: YS for yeast
Created by: dasomers1