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trade names& generic name {listed by CLASS TYPE or USE

1 DNA erythropoetin 1 DNA EPOGEN, PROCRIT
2 DNA filgrastim 2 DNA NEUPOGEN
3 DNA sargramostin 3 DNA PROKINE, LEUKINE
1 antireject azathioprine 1 antireject IMURAN
2 antireject cyclosporine 2 antireject SANDIMMUNE
1 chemo carboplantin 1 chemo PARAPLANTIN
2 chemo cisplantin 2 chemo PLATINOL
3 chemo cyclophosphamide 3 chemo CYTOXAN
4 chemo dacarbazine 4 chemo DTIC-DOME
5 chemo ifosfamide 5 chemo IFEX
6 chemo bleomycin 6 chemo BLENOXANE
7 chemo doxorubicin 7 chemo ADRIAMYCIN
8 chemo cytarabine 8 chemo CYTOSAR-U
9 chemo flourouracil 9 chemo EFUDEX
10 chemo tamoxifen 10 chemo NOLVADEX
11 chemo etoposide 11 chemo VESPID
12 chemo paclitaxel 12 chemo TAXOL
1 antagonist deferoxamine 1 antagonist DESFERAL
2 antagonist nalaxone 2 antagonist NARCAN
3 antagonist vitamin K1 3 antagonist AQUAMEPHEYTON
1 sulfon sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim 1 sulfon BACTRIM, SEPTRA
2 sulfon sulfasalazine 2 sulfon AZULFIDINE
1 penicil amoxicillin 1 penicil AMOXIL,POLYMOX
2 penicil ampicillin 2 penicil OMNIPEN, PRINCIPEN
3 PENICIL penicillin V 3 penicil VEETIDS
1cephal 1stgen cefazolin 1cephal 1stgen ANCEF, KEFZOL
2cephal 1stgen cephalexin 2CEPHAL 1STGEN KEFLEX
3cephal 1stgen cephradine 3 cephal1stgen VELOSEF
1cephal 2ndgen cefaclor 1cepha 2ndgen CECLOR
2cephal 2ndgen cefotetan 2cephal 2ndgen CEFOTAN
3cephal 2ndgen cefoxitin 3cephal 2ndgen MEFOXIN
4cephal 2ndgen cefuroxime 4cephal 2nndgen ZINACEF, CEFTIN
1 CEPHAL 3rd cefotaxime 1cephal 3rd CLAFORAN
2 cephal3rd ceftazidime 2cephal 3rd FORTAZ
3CEPHAL 3RD ceftriaxone 3cephal 3rd ROCEPHIN
1TETRA doxycycline 1tetra VIBRAMYCIN
2tetra tetracycline 2tetra SUMYCIN, ACHROMYCIN
1macro azithromycin 1macro ZITHROMAX
2macro clarithromycin 2macro BIAXIN
3macro erythromycin base 3macro ERYC, ERY-TAB
1 QUINOLO ciprofloxin 1 quinolo CIPRO
2 quinolo levofloxacin 2 quinolo LEVAQUIN
3 quinolo ofloxacin 3 quinolo FLOXIN
1 aminoglyco amikacin 1 aminoglyco AMIKIN
2 aminoglyco gentamicin 2 aminoglyco GARAMYCIN
3 aminoglyco tobramycin 3 aminoglyco NEBCIN
Created by: cforinger