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CP Abbrev


Abs abdominals
abd abduction
add adduction
~ about, approximately
AAROM active assisted range of motion
ADL activities of daily living
Adm admit
-p after
PM, pm afternoon, evening
& and
AP ankle pumps
ant anterior
aqua aquatics
PRN as needed
ASAP as soon as possible
A, assist assistance
AD assistive device
ATC athletic trainer
Bwd backward
BR bathroom
BRP bathroom privileges
BADL basic activities of daily living
b/c because
bed mob bed mobility
BSC bedside commode
-a before
B both
cm centimeter
CNA certified nurses assistant
COTA certified occupational therapy assistant
cv cervical
c-tx cv traction
CP cold pack
c/o complain of
CGA contact guard assist
cont continue
CCU critical care unit
cx crutches
QD daily
DOB date of birth
"arrow pointing down" decrease, down
D1, D2 diagonal one, two
DC, dc discharge, discontinue
DNR do not resuscitate
dorsi, plantarflex dorsiflexion, plantarflexion
DME durable medical equipment
Ea each
etc etcetera
EOB edge of bed
ES electrical stimulation
QOD every other day
-x except
ex exercise
ECF extended care facility
/ extension
ext'l external
1(small circle) first degree, primary
check mark flexion
flex/ext flexion/extension
fluido fluidotherapy
f/u follow-up
fwd forward
ft, ' foot, feet
FOB foot of bed
QID four times per day
fx fracture
FWW four-wheel walker, front-wheel walker
gt gait
HHA hand-held assistance
HOB head of bed
ht height
hx history
HEP home exercise program
HH home health
HP hot pack
hr hour
ice mass ice massage
stat immediately
up arrow increase, up
" inch, inches
I independent
inf inferior
IP inpatient
IADL instrumental activities of daily living
ICU intensive care unit, NICU-neonatal, PICU-pediatric
ICT, IPT intermittent cervical traction, intermittent pelvic traction
int'l internal
IR/ER internal rotation/external rotation
IV intravenous
jt joint
LBQC large based quad cane
lat lateral
LPN licensed practical nurse
L left
LPM liters per minute
LB low back
LE lower extremity
LOB loss of balance
L-S lumbosacral
Mass massage
med medial
mod moderate
min minute, minimal
mo month
AM, am morning
max maximum
mm muscle
(-) negative
NMES neuromuscular electrical stimulation
NKA no known allergies
NWB non-weight bearing
n/a not applicable
NT not tested
+1, +2 one person, two people
OOB out of bed
OP outpatient
ORIF open reduction, internal fixation-sx used to fix broken bones. 2-part sx. 1st, the broken bone is reduced or put back into place. Next, an internal fixation device is placed on the bone; this can be screws, plates, rods, or pins to hold the broken bone.
O2 oxygen
pn pain
PROM passive range of motion
// bars parallel bars
PWB partial weight bearing
PMH past medical history
pt patient
PCA patient care assistant/aide
P-tx pelvic traction
PNC per nasal cannuli
PE physical examination
PTA physical therapist assistant
PT physical therapist
MD physician
PA physician's assistant
POC plan of care
post posterior
(+) positive
PNF proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
qs quadsets
ROM range of motion
RN registered nurse
re: regarding
OTR registered occupational therapist
reps repetitions
RROM resistive range of motion
RT respiratory therapy, therapist
R right
RW rolling walker
r/o rule-out
SI sacroiliac
Scap scapula
sec second (unit of time)
2(small circle) second degree, secondary
SAQ short arc quad
TKE termial knee extension
SBQC short based quad cane
SWD shortwave diathermy
shd shoulder
S&S signs & symptoms
SNF skilled nursing facility
SSN social security number
SLP speech, language pathology
ST speech therapist
std stand
SBA stand-by assist
SW standard walker
s/p status post
sup superior
sx surgery
ttp tender to palpation
ther ex therapeutic ex
3(small circle) third degree, tertiary
trap trapezius
TID three times per day
TIW three times per week
X times
(arrow side to side) to/from
Tol tolerated
THA, THR total hip arthroplasty, replacement
TKA, TKR total knee arthroplasty, replacement
TTWB touchdown weight bearing
trng training
TENS transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
trsf transfer
TCU transitional care unit
Rx treatment
BID two times per day
US ultrasound
UE upper extremity
v.c. verbal cuing
v.o. verbal order
yr year
y.o. years old
H2O water
wt weight
WBTT, WBAT weight-bearing to tolerance, weight-bearing at tolerance
WC wheelchair
whp whirlpool
-c with
WFL within functional limits
WNL within normal limits
-s without
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