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Greek Myth Final

panhellenic greek people or a movement to unify them
thebes thebaid. founded by cadmus. ruled by oedipus. site of trojan war.
laius father of oedipus of thebes.
jocasta mother and wife of oedipus of thebes.
oedipus killed his father and married his mother. ruler of thebes.
sphinx bird-woman who harrassed thebes with unsolvable riddles and death to those who could not solve them. harassed oedipus until riddle was solved, then died.
polynices son of oedipus. raised the expedition of the seven against thebes.
eteocles one of oedipus' sons. figure in the seven against thebes.
antigone daughter of oedipus of thebes. buried her brother polynices against creon's wishes, and was killed.
ismene daughter of oedipus. sister of antigone. did not help antigone bury their brother polynices.
tiresias son of nymph chariclo. greatest of all mythological prophets. consulted in hades by odysseus. lived as man and woman. turned into a female by hera after killing female snake. became man 7 yrs later when killed male snake. blind prophet.
creon king of thebes. forbid antigone to bury brother polynices. entombed her alive. husband of eurydice.
the "seven against thebes" adrastus, polynices, tydeus, capaneus, hippomedon, parthenopaeus, amphiaraus. founght to gain polynices' right as king of thebes. all but adrastus died. polynices and etiocles killed each other.
the epigoni sons of the seven against thebes. were successful in defeating thebans. adrastus died of grief of his son's death.
conscious deliberately saying something you don't mean to produce a humorous effect.
unconscious saying something that is true in a way you don't intend because you don't fully understand the situation. (tragic or dramatic in drama)
theban plays of sophocles oedipus the king. oedipus at colonus (not a trilogy). antigone.
hercules heracles. lion skin and club. geatest of all mythological slayers of monsters and giants. son of zeus and alcmene.
birth of heracles zeus persued alcmene, pretending to be amphytrion. she conceived heracles, who killed 2 snakes the night of his birth. birth postponed by hera to avoid his divine ruling.
neaman lion one of 12 labors. killing of neaman lion with cutless skin. subdued lion with club and strangled and flayed it, lion's skin became heracles' armor.
hydra 1 of 12 with numerous heads, one immortal. assisted by iolaus, when he cut one head, two would grow back. iolaus burned the roots of the heads, to prevent growth. buried immortal head under a rock. dipped arrows in posionous venom of hydra.
erymanthian boar 1 of 12 labors. must bring back alive to eurystheus. caught in snow, and brought back. flung at eurystheus. accidently injured chrion with a poisonous arrow, and he died giving his immortality to prometheus.
mycenae the cerynean hind 1 of 12 labors. wondrous animal with golden antlers and brazen hoofs. chased for a year, then caught.
stymphalian birds must remove man-eating birds of lake in stymphalus in arcadia with brazen rattle from athena. frightened the birds with rattle.
cleansing of the augean stables must clean stables of 3000 cattle of 30 years. diverted course of rivers of alpheus and peneus through the stables and cleaned in one day.
cretan bull captured bull and brought from crete to mycenae. escaped to marathon, and fathered minotaur.
man-eating mares of diomedes tamed the beasts by killing their ruler diomedes. lost his friend abderus, and founded the city abdera after him.
capture of the belt of hippolyte hera caused a fight, and heracles killed hippolyte and took the belt.
oxen of the 3-bodied man, geryon oxen were guarded by giant herdsman, killed by heracles. geryon also was killed.
golden apples bring mycenae the golden apples of the garden of hesperides. heracles killed the apples' guardian, ladon, and persuaded atlas to get the apples for him.
fetching cerberus bring cerberus to eurystheus. gained hades permission to take cerberus as long as he did not kill him. chained the beast, showed him, then returned him.
hero pattern one mortal, one divine parent. foster parents. coming of age. rememberance.
caenis/caeneus lapith of thessaly, once a girl beloved of poseidon, changed at request to a man and made invulnerable. buried under pine trees during battle of lapiths/centaurs.
aeneas founder of rome/romans. son of aphrodite and trojan prince anchises.
vertumnus & pomona roman god of change; connected with change of seasons. could not pursue pomona until he changed into an old woman and praised them. pursued her and fell in love.
anchises father of aeneas, lover of aphrodite. tricked by aphrodite into thinking that she was mortal, and slept with her.
iulus/ascanius son of aeneas.
sinon greek sneak who persuaded the greeks to take in the trojan horse.
virgil author of aeneid.
atalanta huntress from arcadia. joined calydonian boar hunt.
laocoon priest of poseidon who died trying to warn the trojans of the wooden horse.
dido founder and queen of carthage. falls in love with aeneas, and kills herself when the gods tell him he must leave her to fulfill his destiny of finding rome.
the sibyl prophetess who guided aeneas to the underworld.
pallas son of evander, the ally of aeneas. killed by turnus.
latinus king of latinus in aeneas. welcomes aeneas, until trouble is caused by hera, when war breaks out between aeneas' men and turnus' men for lavinia's hand in marriage.
lavinia daughter of latinus, betrothed to aeneas.
turnus leader of rutulians. kills pallas, and is then killed by aeneas.
numen/numina power of a diety or spirit that is present in places or objects.
pietas roman virtue. devotion. duty to gods and family (esp. father)
pius epithet of aeneas. pious. devoted, god-loving, good-natured.
furor mindless passion and fury
eurystheus taskmaker of heracles
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