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What security measure must be taken to ensure privacy when using a computer to send out PHI? Password access, all internet sent information must be encrypted, screen blockers, have levels of access to PHI.
What is included in the PHI? Personal, Medical, and Financial information.
What does HIPAA stand for? Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
What type of patient information is considered Confidential. Patient demographics Health condition, Pt. Hx, Appt. History
What safeguards are implemented for PHI information that is on paper? Chart does not have pt. name Chart kept in a safe/private location. Private Storage
If a patient’s family member wants medical information on that patient they must submit a request in writing. TRUE / or / FALSE It depends. But, normally yes; this is true.
A doctor wants to review a chart of someone else’s patient, what do you do? Remind the doctor that you can only provide patients that the doctor is caring for.
What is the exception for confidentiality? (Information can be sent out without the patient’s approval) communicable disease acts of violence
HIPAA may not ban calling a patient by name. What type of system would prevent using the patient’s name? electronic pager Number systems
Is it true that the security system will record the name of every person who views a patient’s record? YES
When can research PHI be released? Only when the patient signs an agreement
The NPP form must be signed by the patient. TRUE or FALSE What can you do if the patient refuses to sign a NPP? Put a note in the chart that the patient refused to sign and give the patient a copy of the notice.
The issue of “portability” deals with protecting healthcare coverage for employees who change jobs. TRUE / or / FALSE TRUE
When did the HIPAA guidelines need to be implemented? 1996
What has been the result of increased computer usage to store medical information? Information privacy and protection from breach
What does "minimal necessary" mean? You can view and send only the PHI that is required to get the job done.
When can you share patient information with another colleague? Only when they need to use the information and only information they need to help the patient
Which of the following are data security issues? 1. Data Backup 2. Access Controls 3. Internal Audits ALL of them
A doctor can charge for gathering and sending PHI to a patient True; however, the cost must be reasonable.
What precautions can be taken at a computer workstation to protect PHI? Passwords, logging off screen protectros, position of the monitor so that the public cannot see information.
Messages regarding PHI can be left with relatives or the employer. FALSE
What is a business associate? Any company or person who is involved with receiving, transmitting, and creating PHI
All new HIPAA privacy notices must be signed by all of the doctor's "business associates" TRUE
The new HIPAA changes deal with portability. What is this? Freedom to keep insurance when you quit work or change jobs.
The patient chart is a legal document TRUE
The NPP must be signed by the patient. NO. Only individuals of legal age and sound mind can sign. Emancipated minors can also sign.
State law overrides any HIPAA laws. TRUE. However, the State law must be as strict as the HIPAA.
HIPAA provides for a "privacy officer" this person would be involved with monitoring access to PHI and even prosecuting violators. TRUE
What is normal use of PHI? Dx, Tx, Rx, Hx, medical billing all for the purpose of treating the patient.
A doctor wants to review the chart of someone who is not his patient. Is this OK? Only if this doctor is a referral
The NPP must have a "right to revoke" clause TRUE
A patient can select the PHI that is shared. TRUE
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