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Mrs. Furbush

Sociology Group Unit

What was the Milgram Experiment? Studied the effect of authority on people's actions; 2/3 of the people in both the original & new experiment shocked people to the highest level
What was the Stanford Experiment? Researchers set up a mock prision to study human behavior
What was Jane Elliot's Experiment? After the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Elliot wanted to teach her students about discrimination. She divided them by eye color.
Social Exchange the voluntary action performed with the expectation of getting something in return
Primary Group emotionally close, face to face contact, small size
Secondary Group impersonal, formed to accomplish a goal
Coercion interaction in which people are forced to act in a certain way
Reference Group group a person looks to guide their behavior
Groupthink Going along with the group despite having a different opinion
Social Network made up of all of a person's relationships
Cooperation group working together to accomplish a goal
Conflict group inited aganist an outside group
Who was more likely to shock in the new Milgram experiment? Women
Ethics of Research Both the Milgram & Stanford experiment violated the ethical rights of the people involved and would not be allowed today
Created by: sfurbush