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the spheres

all the water on earth hydrosphere
biosphere regions of the world supporting life
atmosphere the layers of gasses surrounding the earth
lithosphere the earths crust and solid mantle
nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide (the air) what are some layers of gasses surrounding the earth
lithosphere is the ...? land
how much of the earth does the lithosphere cover ? 1oo%
crust the outermost solid shell of the earth
how thick is the earhts crust between 3-5
the crust is broken up into different ..? plates
mantle largest layer of the earth; 1800 miles thick
what is the mantle made of hot, thick, dense, rock and if flows thick like a liquid.
core center of the earth (iron and nickel)
outer core is ..? liquid
inner core is ..? solid
what keeps the molten iron and nickel solid intence pressure of gravity
what is continental shelf the underwater extension of the continent where the sea is relatively shallow copared with the open ocean
where is the continental slope located between the outer edge of the continental shelf and the deep ocean floor
what is topography study of surface shape and features of the earths
what are topographic maps a type of map representing the topography of an area by using contour lines with set distances between them.
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