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Interior Warming Med

Materia Medica III

Which toxic herb supplements the ming men fire, revives yang, and is useful in treating cold damp bi? Fu Zi
Fu zi guides the action of herbs where? All 12 channels
What is a preparation guideline for Fu zi and Cao wu? Pre cook 30-60 minutes
What is the dosage for Fu Zi? 3-15g
Which 5 Interior Warming Medicinals are toxic? Zhi Fu Zi, Zhi Chuan Wu,Zhi Cao Wu, Wu Zhu Yu, Chuan (Hua) Jiao
Are Fu zi and Bai fu zi related medicinals? No
Name 2 functions of Zhi Chuan Wu. 1. Topical application to reduce swellings and ulcerations. 2. Dispels wind-Cold impediment
Which of the aconite herbs is only used topically, especially for yin flat cold abscesses? Zhi Cao Wu
What are the 3 Aconite herbs? Zhi Fu Zi, Zhi Chuan Wu & Zhi Cao Wu
What is the dosage for Zhi Chuan Wu? 1.5-4g
Your patient presents with Sp/St yang vacuity with cold and pain, she also has a cough with cold rheum in in the lungs. Which Interior Warming Medicinal will you use? Gan Jiang
Gan jiang is always combined with __________ when used for _______ _________, it is a mutual need relationship for this function. Fu Zi for Returning Yang
What is an additional usage for gan jiang when there is severe yang vacuity, such that the yang is unable to hold the blood? Warm the channels and stop bleeding
Which 3 Interior Warming Medicinals return yang? Zhi Fu Zi, Gan Jiang & Rou Gui
Why is Rou Gui added near the end when decocting a dosage of 2-5 grams? It is aromatic and acrid (also sweet :)
Which Interior Warming Medicinal goes to the blood level and thus encourages the generation of qi and blood? Rou Gui
Your patient presents with chest pain, painful menses and uterine fibroids. Her lower jiao is cold and painful. She also has joint pain. What would be a good herb to warm her channels? Rou Gui
Which extremely hot Interior Warming Medicinal is great to treat both LV cold (mounting,menses) and ST cold (vomit)? Wu Zhu Yu
Which medicinal can be applied topically to KD-1 to lead fire downward in the treatment of mouth sores and hypertension? Wu Zhu Yu
Which Interior Warming Medicinal is used to kill worms and treat anal itching? Chuan Hua Jiao
Although this herb does not go to the LU in channel entry, it is used to treat pathogenic cold in the lungs. It also warms the middle and tonifys the ming men. Chuan Hua Jiao
Gao Liang Jiang is used in cooking to help warm the middle and relieve pain, it can redirect rebellious qi (down or up)? Down
Which Interior Warming Medicinal is useful for treating hiccup, and cold in the center as well and in the KD? Ding Xiang
This Interior Warming Medicinal is violently dry and thus should only be used in small doses as a guiding herb into the channel... Xiao Hui Xiang
Your patient presents with buldging disorder, sexual dysfunction and upset digestion, which Interior Warming Medicinal will be used in this formula? Xiao Hui Xiang
Bi Cheng Qie is unique in its category because it has this channel entry and accompanying function... UB - Painful urination (lin syndrome)
Which 2 Interior Warming Medicinals are used in food stagnation? Bi Cheng Qie and Hu Jiao
Which 2 Interior Warming Medicinals are used together for toothache? Bi Ba (Bo) & Hu Jiao
Bi Ba (Bo) is unique in this category because of its function associated with the LI channel entry... Disperses cold from the yang ming
Hu Jiao is primarily a ___________ herb, it can also warm to relieve pain, downbear qi and disperse phlegm. Digestive
Which 4 Interior Warming Medicinals are contraindicated in pregnancy? Zhi Fu Zi, Zhi Chuan wu, Zhi Cao Wu & Hu Jiao
Which 3 Interior Warming Medicinals are cautioned in pregnancy? Gan Jiang, Rou Gui & Chuan (Hua) Jiao
All of the Interior Warming Medicinals share with flavor? Acrid
Which Interior Warming Medicinal is the hottest? Wu Zhu Yu
Which Interior Warming Medicinal is sweet? Rou Gui
Which Interior Warming Medicinal goes to the Lung? Gan Jiang
Zuo Jin Wan contains which 2 herbs in what ratio? Huang Lian and Wu Zhu Yu - 6:1
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