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vocabulary workshop

Level A Unit 15 definitions

vocabulary wordmeaning
beacon 1 a light or other signal that warns and guides
beacon 2 a lighthouse
beacon 3 anything that guides or inspires
berserk violently and destructively engaged
celestial 1 having to do with the sky or heavens
celestial 2 heavenly
celestial 3 yielding great bliss or happiness
chasten 1 to punish
chasten 2 to restrain, moderate
confiscate 1 to take by authority
confiscate 2 to take and keep
data 1 information
data 2 facts, figures, statistics
detract 1 to take away from
detract 2 reduce in value or reputation
encounter 1 a meeting
encounter 2 a meeting of enemies, battle
encounter 3 to meet or come upon
epic 1 a long narative poem about the deeds of heroes
epic 2 an event or movement of great sweep
epic 3 on a grand scale, vast, titanic
pantomime 1 a play or story performed without words by actors using only gestures
pantomime 2 to express without words by using only gestures
pessimist 1 one who believes or expects the worst
pessimist 2 prophet of doom
precaution 1 care taken beforehand
precaution 2 a step or action taken to prevent something from happening
prosecute 1 to bring before a court of law for trial
prosecute 2 to carry out
puncture 1 a small hole made by a sharp object
puncture 2 to make a small hole with a sharp object, pierce
retaliate 1 to get revenge
retaliate 2 to strike back for an injury
sham 1 fake, not geniune
sham 2 something false pretending to be geniune
sham 3 a pretender
sham 4 a decorated pillow covering
sham 5 to pretend
uncouth 1 unrefined, crude
uncouth 2 awkward or clumsy
underscore 1 to draw a line under
underscore 2 to put special emphasis on
underscore 3 a line drawn under something
wholesome 1 healthy
wholesome 2 morally and socially sound and good
wholesome 3 helping to bring about or preserve good health
wistful full of melancholy yearning or longing, sad, pensive
Created by: sebbott
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