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Architecture Vocab

CADD-1 & CADD 2 Honors

Atrium Open court or garden within a building
Attic The space between the roof and the ceiling of a house
Balcony Porch that is suspended from the upper level of a structure
Baseboard The finish board covering the interior wall where the wall and the floor meet
Bay Window A window projecting out from the wall to form a recess in the room
Beam A horizontal structural member that carries a load
Bracing Framing members attached at an angle to make walls more rigid
Building Envelope The area in which a structure may be placed on a piece of property, usually determined by the setbacks
Change Orders Requests for alterations or modifications in a building under construction
Building Codes Laws that ensure that minimum building standards are met which provide safety for the public
Column Vertical supporting member
Contour Lines On maps or Site Plans showing terrain, lines connect points at the same elevation
Dead Load Weight of a building materials and permanently installed components ona structure
Deck Open, elevated platform attached to a house that makes outdoor living spaces more usuable
Dormer Structure projecting from a sloping roof to accomodate a window, commonly used with 1-1/2 story houses
Double Header Two or more timbers joined together for added strength (ex. Girder)
Easements Right-of-ways across private land, such as utility lines
Eave Part of a roof that projects over the outer wall
Elevations Drawings that reveal the vertical dimensions, building materials, and the over all design of the structure.
Facade Exterior face of a building
Fascia Vertical board nailed to the ends of the rafters or roof truss at the eave line
Fixtures Permanent items connected to plumbing, such as a lavatory, water closet, bathtub, or shower
Flashing Covering used over a roof joint to provide complete waterproofing, most commonly a thin sheet of metal around a chimney.
Floor Plans Drawing showing locations, sizes,materials, and components contained in the interior design of a house.
Flue Opening ina chimney through which the smoke passes
Footings Base of a foundation wall that evenly distributes the weight into the soil
Foundation Lowest structural component of a building upon which all other memebrs rest
Sills Wood members that are fastened to the top of foundation walls as a base for attaching the flooring system
Foyer Inside entrance area at the front of the house
Gable The triangular end of an exterior wall just above the eaves
Gable Roof Most common roof type due to it's adaptability, slope in two directions
Ground Line Reference point on an elevation drawing representing ground level
Gutter A trough for carrying water off the roof
Half-Bath Bathroom that contains only a lavatory and a water closet
Header One or more pieces of lumber supporting ends of joists
Hip Roof Roof with four sloping sides
Jamb Sides of a doorway or window opening
Joist Horizontal structural member that supports a floor or ceiling
Lanai Covered exterior patio or walkway, Hawaiian word for "porch"
Landings Points at which stairs change directions
Cripple Studs that are less than full length that commonly are used above and below window openings
Trimmers Vertical members added to each side of the window fram to support the header
Lavatory Bathroom washbasin or sink
Live Load Force on a building that includes the weight of all non-permanent movable objects, such as people, furniture, snow and wind.
Masonry Stone, brick, tiles, or concrete
Mortar Mixture of cement, sand, and water; used to bond bricks and stone.
Mortar joint commonly 3/8", but no more than 1/2"
Overhang Portion of a roof that projects beyond the outer walls
Partition Non-Load bearing wall that separates a living space into rooms
Patio Open area adjacent or directly accessible to the house, commonly used for entertaining
Pitch Angle between a roofs surface and the horizontal plane, ratio of the rise to run
Plat Map or chart of an area showing boundaries of lots and other parcels of property
Plot Plan Used to show the size and shape of a piece of property, location and size of buildings, walks, drives, pools, etc.
Porch Covered platform leading into the entrance of a building and which may be enclosed by glass, screens, posts, and railings
Rafter A structural member used to frame a roof
Ridge Line Line formed by the roof on an elevation drawing
Riser Vertical part of a stair - Max. 8"
Schedule Detailed lists that contain needed information, such as size and type of windows and doors
Setbacks Minimum distances that structures must be located from adjacent property lines as stated in the zoning laws
Slab Foundation Foundation made of reinforced concrete poured as a single slab or in several sections, usually 4"-6" thick reinforced with wire mesh
Soffit Underside of an overhang, such as the edge of a roof. Generally has attic ventilation installed underneath.
Span Full distance between outer walls supporting the roof
Slope Ratio of the rise to the run of a roof
Stress Any force acting upon a part or member of a structure
Stud Upright beam in framework of a building, usually called a "2X4" and spaced at 16" from center to center
Survey Drawing showing the exact size, shape, and levels of a piece of property. A legal document that establishes property rights
T-Foundations Combinations of footingsand foundation walls that form an inverted-T
Truss Prefabricated, triangular shaped unit used to support roof loads over a long span
Veranda Large porch extending around several sides of the home
Water Closet Toliet fixture
Work triangle Area connecting the three main centers of a kitchen
3 Main Centers of a Kitchen Cleaning, Cooking, and Storage
Zoning Ordinance Law or regulation defining the type of structure that can be built in a certain area in order to provide safety and convienence for the public
3 Main Zones in most areas Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Created by: tmurphy
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