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DV Filmmaking final

DV Filmmaking

Edit Log Logging Software that comes with most professional software
Edit decision list (EDL) Most useful tool for an editor
Paper Edit A series of notes laying out the basic order of clips for a movie.
How paper edit is arranged Vertical columns: timecode, discription, audio, length of clip
Sound for the full cinematic experience is used to make a small crowd seem large and action more dynamic
Sound also helps with Continuity and making cuts smoother
Sound can also be used as a Soundtrack or for sound layers
Sound layer Diolouge or essential sound effects.
Additional sound layers can include ambient sound track, atmospheric sound
discordant sound buzzing of a faulty neon light
Prioritizing sound tracks each element of scene should be recorded seperatly in terms of volume
Ways to record in a noisy bar everything recorded seperatly. dioloug placed at optimum volume, music , ambient sound
Sound effects can be used to exagerate normal sounds such as a door opening.
ADR Automatic Dialouge replacement. used to record over bad quality diolouge
Ambient sound is commonly overlooked
If the mic is moved for a different shot the ambient sound changes slightly
Acoustic Space sound effects which blend together to suggest a certina kind of atmosphere in space
Created by: inferno5