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Management FHU 1

Test 1

Management Function Activities performed by managers of all types
Trade-off Giving up of one thing in order to get something else
Dilemma Position of deciding between two things that offer the strong potential for expected unpleasant outcomes
Management Roles Behavior patterns that is expected of someone who has a position i a social unit
Management Pyramid Model that can help you think about the dynamic relationship between who we are as persons. Action Thinking & Feeling Being & Becoming
Effectiveness Accomplishes what it sets out to do.
Efficiency Achieving the economic performance necessary for the organization's survival
Worldview A set of presuppositions- assumptions which may be true, partially true, or entirely false
Character traits The moral and mental qualities that distinguish one person from another in terms of moral values and habitual behavior
Trust Confidence in or reliance on people in terms of what they say and do when working with others
Zone of indifference Admin. orders are not questioned
Scientific management Rational attempt to improve efficiency of individual workers and teams of workers
Bureaucracy Few simple, rational rules
Management by objective planning process based on setting objectives, developing action plans, and then determining how close to the goal the organization is performing
Total quality management Systematic approach to continuously making improvements to quality and efficiency
Socialization process Process by which the new manger learns the shared values of the organization, especially the ones that are high priority for mangers in higher levels of authority
Task environment Where an organization transacts business with customers, suppliers, and workers, and where competitors have a direct influence on customers
General environment Comprised of various influence and forces at work that affect all industries and consumers
Systemic thinking Considering both the external and internal environments in which work takes place
System Organized arrangement of elements that are interdependent and interconnected to form a purposeful organic whole
Organizational culture Deeply embedded values and assumptions within a organization
Cultural intelligence The capability to deal effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds
Expatriate People who leave their home country to work in another country
Created by: Jonathan.pate
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