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mr sidells project

Application Programming Interfaces (API) easy ways to connect people to business tools
Apps Programs that you can use on the computer
Augmented Realty App that can receive data on items you take a picture of and then you get it
Big Data Data that is massive that is stored in super computers and the internet
Bit Torrent a site that increases the speed of downloading videos with more people
Blogs Places online for people to chat about stuff
Cloud Computing Using the cloud without direct link to the internet via WiFi
Computer Hardware Parts That cause the computer to work
Computer Networks multiple computers connected to a single cable sharing information
Computer Software a translator that computes what you want into what the computer shows
Computer viruses and threats tiny programs developed by criminals that siphon information
Copyright and creative commons Law that lets you own a piece of work and it cant be stolen from her
Crowdsourcing Able to talk to people around the world for time asking how to do somthing
Email a system for sending messages from one individual to another via telecommunications links between computers or terminals.
Image Resolution/Pixels the smallest element of an image that can be individually processed in a video display system
Online Photo Sharing upload photos to the cloud and are able to be accessed anywhere
Phishing Scams Hoaxes that are designed to steal your identity
Plagiarism a piece of writing or other work reflecting such unauthorized use or imitation
Podcasting a digital audio or video file or recording, usually part of a themed series, that can be downloaded from a Web site to a media player or computer
Protecting Reputations Online avoiding what you put on websites or photos that can incriminate you or your freinds
QR codes a matrix bar code that is read by photographing it with the camera of a smartphone or other mobile device that is equipped with a bar-code reader
RSS Really Simple Syndication: a way of allowing web users to receive syndicated newsletters and email alerts
SEO computing search engine optimization
Secure Passwords passwords that cannot be hacked
secure websites websites thick with malware that cant be tampered with
Sharepoint A website where you can share info with anyone ( i,e Facebook
Social Bookmarking the practice of saving bookmarked Web pages to a public Web site as a way to share the links with other Internet users
Social Media Web sites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts
Social Media and the Workplace most workplaces block social media websites to not focus on personal problems
Social Networking the use of Web sites or other online technologies to communicate with people and share information, resources, etc.
Facebook the name of a social-networking service and Web site, launched in 2004.
Twitter an online social media poster
Twitter for Business twitter lets people at work discuss concerns
Twitter Search the search of a product or person that you would like to follow
VPN virtual private network: a network that uses the internet to transfer information using secure methods
Web Browser the main internet launcher
Web Search Strategies using key words to find an item
Website Cookies temporary files on your browser
Website Evaluation the surveying to decide whether a website is safe or not
Wikipedia an online editable dictionary
Wikis a Web site that allows anyone to add, delete, or revise content by using a web browser.
WWW Abbreviation for world wide web
Created by: mcrabtree
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