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Advanced Modalities

Moduel 4

What would be some factors in an underexposed image? Decreased kVp Insufficient mAs a relative speed receptor slower than expected less processing time than expected a low developer temp a decreased chemical concerntration
- the difference among densities seen in an image radiographic contrast
What is the cause for blurred images? motion or changes in geometric factor during image production
What is the main case for blur in radiographic images? motion
What happens when the computer fails to recongnize an images borders? an exposure field recongnition error occurs
What are the parameters of excessive radiation? more than 3-4 times the level of radiation needed to produce a diagnostic quality image
What is the most likely cause of image blur? patient movement
How is shape distortion caused? by a change in the angular relationship of the tube, part and image receptor
How is quantum noise in digital images caused? insufficient signal strength
Is distortion of photons in the xray beam uniform? no
What do some digital systems use as an indicator of exposure? DAP dose area product
To avoid potential data analysis errors, how many images is recommended per image receptor? 1
How do artifacts found in cassette-based image receptors differ somewhat from those found in cassette-less receptors? PSP plate moves in and out of the cassette each time the plate reader processes an image
In cassette-less image receptors what is susceptible to malfunction? a single DEL or multiple rows of DELS
What is a major source of digital artifacts in cassette-less radiography? DELs
What is another source of artifacts in a cassette-less radiography? dust, dirt, bending, and staining
Where do processing artifacts appear? along an entire plate axis and on nearly all images regardless of the plate thats used
If image data is loss caused by a dirty light guide, what appears on the processed image? a line that runs the entire width of the plate and is parallel to the direction the plate traveled through the reader
If there is a wavy appearance to the image, what does that mean? that the laser or the plate was disturbed when the plate was read
What error is caused by the computers inability to identify edges of collimation?
Improper alignment of a grid can lead to improper ________.
Scatter radiation is hard to interpret during histogram analysis when it occurs where?
Inappropriate brightness on a digital image can be caused by what?
When the exposure absorbed by the image receptor passes a level which the image receptor can respond, what occurs?
MOst digital artifacts appear ______?
Created by: erikasmith28