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EGL EMB Limitations

EMB study questions

Min equipment required for RVSM? 2 Primary altimeters..1 Autopilot w/ operative alt hold mode...1 altitude alerter..1 Transponder
What is the min O2 pressure with three people in cockpit? 1650 Psi
What is the min O2 pressure with two people in cockpit? 1210psi (cockpit temp 50C)
What is definition of Sterile Cockpit? All ground operations...Takeoff and Landing...The last 1000ft when climbing or descending...Holding...Below 10,000MSL except in cruise...Any time deemed necessary by captain
When would you see "EMER LIGHTS NOT ARMED"? When the sw is either ON or OFF in the cockpit or cabin.
How long do the EMER lights last? 15 Minutes
What does the IC600 #1 drive? Captians PFD, MFD, EICAS
What does the IC600 #2 drive? FO's PFD and MFD
If you see "DFDR FAIL" what might you try? Turn the beacon ON
How many beeps would a Warning produce? 3
How many beeps would a Caution produce? 1
When would you hear the Takeoff Config Warning? Flaps not set for Takeoff....Parking brake on....Pitch trim is not in green band....Any spoiler panel deployed.
When would the stall test light illuminate? If the system has not been tested....After a failed test....Test was interupted by the quick disc button on yoke
When are some EICAS messages inhibited during takeoff? V1-15 until 400 feet.
When are some EICAS messages inhibited during landing? Below 200' RA until the aircraft on ground for 3 seconds or more.
When is the EICAS message inhibition deactivated during landing? From 200 feet until the aircraft is on ground 3 sec or more.
When should the captain perform the stall test? Before each flight.
When would you perform a detailed preflight? First flight of day...plane is new to you...after Significant Maintenance.
What are the required documents to check during preflight? Airworthiness Cert....Registration...Radiostation License...AML..MEL..CDL..EPC...Aircraft Perf Manual...Flip Cards..CG Calc...FMS Manual.
What do you do if the Regi. is missing? Tell the captain.
What is acceptable GPU voltage? 26V-29V
What conditions will send the Flight Director into Windshear Escape Guidance? Manually by pressing the TOGA while in a windshear condition....Automatic when in TO or GA mode...Automatic when in decreasing performance and Thrust Levers are in MAX.
When will you see "OXYGEN LO PRESS"? When oxygen press drops to 400PSI.
How many minutes of oxygen does crew have after "OXYGEN LO PRESS" shows on EICAS? 12 minutes for both crew members.
When do the Pax oxygen masks drop? When cab alt is above 14,000ft and SW is in AUTO...Knob on Pax Oxy Panel is set to MANUAL.
What indicator lights illuminates after the Pax mask latches have been energized? The oxygen ON indicator and the NO SMOKING and FASTEN SEATBELT sign.
How long does the pax oxygen flow? 12 minutes
How many minutes of oxygen supply does the PBE offer? 15 Minutes
What is the minimum portable oxygen cylinder pressure for dispatch? 1200 PSI
What kind of batterys are in the flashlights and how does it charge? 6V DC Ni-Cd and is charged each time it is inserted into the retention bracket.
Flashlights provide how many minutes of illumination? 45 Minutes
How is the Emergency Lighting powered and charged? Through four batteries that are charged through the Essential Bus.
What happens to the Emer Lights when all 5 gens fail in flight? They turn on.
What kind of approaches can you perform with the RMU? All but FMS
How do you test the IC-600? On ground: Pressing the test button activates the first level test...Pressing for more than 6 sec activates the second level test....Releasing resumes normal ops.
During windshear when can we change Gear and Flap positions? When position climb gradient is established and terrain clearance is assured.
What items do we check during a preflight inspection? Chocks....Tires/struts....Fluid leakage....Structural Damage....Access panels....Bird strikes....FOD
When is the Windshear Escape Guidance mode canceled? When RA is greater than 1500ft.
When does the CVR operate? Whenever the Ess DC Bus 2 is energized.
How information is recorded on the CVR? It stores the last 2 hours of information.
What happens to the Radar when aircraft is on the ground? The radar goes into Forced Standby Mode(FSBY) regardless of the mode selected by pilot.
How may FSBY be overridden? Slowely pressing the STAB button four times in three seconds.
What is the RCT button on the radar control pnl? REACT allows crew to know that the radar is unable to see behind a cell by painting the area behind with a blue color.
What is the function of the STB button on Radar Pnl? Stabilizes the radar antenna during pitch and roll using the AHRS data.
What is the SLV (radar) annunciator? One controller can be slaved to the other by selecting OFF on that controller only.
What is the TGT button on the radar pnl? Target alert monitors for red or magenta wx beyond the selected range and 7.5deg on either side of a/c hdg.
What is the SECT button on radar control pnl? Selects the normal 12 sweeps per minute for 120deg's or 24 sweeps per minute and 60deg sector scan.
Regarding APU start, what are the batterys used for? Battery 2: APU start...Battery1: Provides stable elect power to voltage sensitive equipment.
If the a/c is on ground and the batteries are the only source of power how does the EDL configure the system? EDL deenergizes the shed buses and drops DC Bus 1 and DC Bus 2 to conserve energy.
How do you isolate the batteries from the system? Turn them OFF
Where are the main batteries located? On the left side of the a/c nose.
When do the GENs come online? When the engines stabilize above 56.4% n2
When can the APU starter generator supply power? 95% RPM +7 seconds.
When on the ground what conditions will the DC shed buses stay energized? At least 3 gens are on...When on GPU power....At least one Gen is on and the Shed Buses Selector knob is set to OVRD.
N2 limitations 57 to 102.5%
Max N1 100%
How many minutes can you expect from a portable Oxygen Bottle? 30 Minutes
what powers the AC bus? DC Bus 1
How long do Advisory messages blink? 5 seconds
How long do Caution messages blink? Until cancelled
How long do Warning messages blink? Until cancelled
What happens when you push the Bag Ext button. The first bottle discharges immediatly. The second bottle discharges in a 50 min period. The recirc fan is commanded off.
What happens when you hold the APU fire test button for more than 10 seconds on ground? APU shuts down.
If the Airworthiness cert is lost what do we do? Exemption 5515 applies allows you to fly for 3 days. SOC will fax a copy.
What are the 3 criteria for rudder hardover protection? Rudder is deflected above 5 deg....Force above 130lb to counteract the rudder deflection.....Both engines above 56.4 N2.
When do the Wing and Stabilizer Anti Icing Valves open? The knob is set to AUTO or ENG and ice is detected and wheel speed is more than 25kts.....The knob is set to ALL and wheel speed is greater than 25 kts....The ice det test is set to 1 or 2.
When is the Wing and Stab anti ice inhibited? EICAS ICE COND A/I INOP may be present because it is inhibited below 25 kts groundspeed.
Upon fire test the baggage fire button stays illuminated what do you do? Wait six seconds and perform the should go out.
When will the stall test button remain illuminated? If it has not been tested, after an unsuccessful test, or if a quick disc button is pressed during a test.
When would you operate in DG mode? While operating in charted areas of unreliable mag heading or if the flux valve fails.
When would the attitude indicator declutter? Roll greater than 65 deg and nose up more than 30 pitch down more than 20.
How far does the airspeed trend vector predict? 10 seconds
How far does the altimeter trend vector predict? 6 seconds
Where does the Wx radar recieve its STAB inputs from? AHRS 2
Where does Autopilot recieve its pitch, roll, bank, and accel inputs from? AHRS 1
Must we wait until AHRS 1-2 ALIGN before we start the APU with the AH-900 AHRS? YES
When does the lt pack automatically turn off? Below 25000ft in Icing
How long does the CPAM stay at take off elevation? 15 Minutes in case of turn back.
Definition of SPS/ ICE SPEEDS. Advisory msg indicates the SPS will actuate at reduced AOA for flaps 9, 18, 22
Do packs trip off during GA? YES
Additional function of Gasper Air? Ventilate the rear elec compt, oxy cyl compt, relay box.
During manual controlling of the cab press, how do the outflow valves respond? Electropneumatic outflow valve closes, the pneumatic outflow valve is controlled manually.
Warnings for ECS or CPCS failure? Aural CABIN warning, cabin altitude on EICAS turns red for cab alt's above 10000 ft.
How must we configure the cab press sys for the automatic function to work? Automatic mode is selected, Landing altitude is entered, Manual controller is set full CCW.
If you forget to set the landing ele of the cab press controller what altitude does it default to? 8000 ft
When cabin dump selected what altitude does the cab descend to? 15000ft
If there is no GPU connected, can we shut the batteries off when the APU has started? Yes, it is recommended in case of APU shut down it will save the BATT's.
What conditions must be met for Speed Brakes to deploy? TLA's set below 50 deg and flaps set 0 or 9 deg.
DAU 1 collects which data? FWD left avionics and left engine.
DAU 2 collects which information? Aft aircraft systems and rh engine.
Engine driven pump press? 3000psi
When will the elect motor driven hyd pump turn on? When hyd press drops below 1600psi of N2 below 56.4.
Elec motor driven pump press 2900psi
When do we use A/I reference? When icing conditions exist from gate to 1500AGL
When is icing protection inhibited during take off? v1-15 to 400afl
Which hydraulic sys does the nose wheel steering use? nbr 1 hyd sys
If N2 drops below which percent will the FADEC command a shutdown? 53%
Discribe the backup battery and its purpose. 24VDC 5 amp lead acid battery to supply backup power to the GCU's in case of a short or near zero voltage.
What is the primary user of the AC power? The avionics.
Least risk location? EMB145 140 o'head bin row 3(EMB135 over row 2)
When do we perform anti ice test in the air? First flight of day and no icing exists for takeoff and climb.
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