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abbreviation meanings

ad (up) to
ad lib at pleasure
add add (then) or adde
agit shake, stir, or agita
alt. h. every other hour or alternis horis
aa of each or ana
a. before or ante
a c before meals or ante cibum
a m morning or ante meridien
amp ampule
aq water or aqua
aq. ad. water up to or aqua ad
ag. dest distilled water
aqua dist. distilled water
aur ear or auris
a d right ear or auris dexter
a l left ear or aurix laevus
a t c around the clock
b twice or bis
b i d twice a day or bis in die
branch the arm or brachium
bsa body surface area
caps capsule or capsula
c c cubic centimeters
charts powder papers, divided powders, or chartulae
c(ib) food or cibus
collun a nose wash or collunarium
collut a mouthwash or collutorium
collyr an eyewash or collyrium
comp compound or compositus
C(ong) gallon or congius
c. with food/meals or cum cibus
d. give though, let begin, or dentur
d.t.d. give of such doses or dentur tales doses
d right or dexter
dieb alt every other day or diebus alternis
dil dilute(d) or dilutus
disp dispense
div divide
dw distilled water
elix elixer
emuls emulusion or emulsum
et and
e.m.p. as directed, or in the manor described, or ex modo prescripto
a s left ear
cr cream
DAW dispense as written
discontinue dc, D/C, or disc
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