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Digital Imaging 3

Module 3

In a CRT monitor an __________ ________ or ___________ creates images by beaming ___________ towards an _____________. Electron Gun; Cathode; Electrons; Anode
In a CRT Monitor, __________ that are beamed toward the _____________ But are deflected toward the monitor's ______________ __________ to construct the image. Electrons; Anode; Fluorescent screen.
With CRT monitors there are 2 types of image acquisition: _____________ and _____________ Interlaced; Progressive
____________ CRT monitors fill up each line from top to bottom and ___________ CRT monitors fill every other line from top to bottom and then return to the top to fill in the missing lines. Progressive; Interlaced
_________ Monitor provides more luminance, especially in the ___________ of the image and better ___________ reproduction. CRT; Center; Color
LCD monitors produce less _________ _______ and better ___________. They are also easier to _________ and position. Screen glare; Resolution; Move
_________ monitors are more durable. CRT
An LCD monitor's resolution is determined by __________ __________ which is the distance between __________ of the __________ ________. Pixel Pitch; Cells of the Same Color
The vertical and horizontal resolution in an LCD monitor is determined by the __________ ____________ in that given ___________. Pixel Pitch in that given direction.
Aspect ratio refers to the proportional relationship of the __________ and ___________ of the ___________ __________ Width; Height; Display Screen
Most CRT monitors Aspect ratio is _________ and most LCD monitors are ________ viewed in ___________ format. 4:3 ; 16:9; Landscape
The size of the Matrix also affects ________ resolution. The _________ the matrix, the ____________ the pixel value in the matrix and the _________ the spatial resolution. Spatial; Larger; Smaller; Better
The sharpness of the image is also determined by _________ ________ also known as _________ ___________. Pixel Pitch; Dot Pitch
In a CRT monitor, the "pitch" is the distance between the __________ _________. In an LCD monitor the "pitch" is the distance between what? Phosphor Dots; LCD=Pixel pitch is the distance between cells of the same color
To accurately display the gray scale in a radiograph, the display monitor needs to be able to demonstrate at least ________ shades of gray which is equal to _________. 256; 8 bits
In addition to the minimum gray scale display, the ACR requires what kind of spatial resolution for acquisition monitors? American College of Radiology requires 2.5 lp/mm when viewing a 14 x 17 image (35.6 x 43.2 cm)
The contrast resolution of a monitor is what? The difference between the maximum and minimum luminance of the display
__________ __________ determines the colors that can be displayed and depends on the __________ __________ and color capabilities of the monitor. Color Depth; Graphics Adapter
Color Bit Depth refers to what? The number of bits used to create the color of a single pixel
Monitor brightness when referring to a video display is ___________ ___________. Maximal Luminance
ACR standards specify that gray-scale monitors used for interpreting radiographs provide a minimum of what luminance? 171 Candelas per square meter (171 cd/m²)
The MINIMUM level of luminance is called the __________ _________ and which type of monitor has a measurable lower level. Black Level; CRT's have a measurable lower Black Level than LCD's
The number of times an image is drawn on the screen per second is called the _________ _________. Refresh Rate
Refresh Rates range from _____ to _____ images per second. _________ _________ monitors flicker more visibly. 60 to 120; Large CRT
What is Persistence? The delayed light emission after a CRT screen refreshes
Persistence helps when viewing __________ ____________ but produces __________ ________ when viewing a ________-________ display. Static Image; Screen Lag; Cine-type
Because workstation monitors are used in brightly lighted areas, ___________ __________ is an important consideration when evaluating image quality and the tech must be able to discern __________ and __________, ________ lines. Monitor Luminance; Motion; Sharp, visible recorded lines
Modifying ___________ and image __________ alters the ___________ and _____________ __________ record. Demographic; Data; Examination; Permanent Patient record
All Changes must comply with ___________ __________. Institutional Guidelines
If an order is modified after a work list entry is generated, this change must be described in the __________ _________ with an _____________ note. Patient Chart; Explanatory
The ability to make changes to the demographic and image data depends on the ___________ ____________ of the user. Privilege Level
If an image on the screen is facing left and you need it to face right, you would _________ the image. Flip
Adding additional text to an image is called ____________. Annotating
Joining separate images into a single-image format such as those of anatomical parts longer than 17 inches is called ___________. Stitching
When performing a long leg or scoliosis exam using one exposure and specially designed cassettes, a long leg exam would take ____ plates and a scoliosis exam would take ______. 3; 2
A workstation software function that allows a black mask to be placed over bright areas is a practice known as ____________. Shuttering
Another term for shuttering is __________ _________, __________ ___________ or ___________. Black mask, Black border; collimation
The ability to adjust the mask size or whether is can be applied manually or automatically depend on ____________. Manufacturer or vendor
Changing the window width and level of an image is referred to as ___________. Windowing
Window level controls the ____________ and window width controls the ____________. Brightness; Contrast
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