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RADT1300 Lecture 1

In-class lecture material about fundamentals of radiography.

What is the definition of radiology? Study of radiant energy.
What is a radiograph? Permanent record made using radiation.
What is the general definition of radiography? Process of making a permanent record using radiation (x-rays).
What is a radiographer? Person who makes a permanent record using radiation (x-rays).
What is roentgenology? Study of X-rays.
Who discovered x-rays? Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen.
When was x-ray discovered? November 8, 1895.
How did Roentgen discover x-ray? Experimenting with a cathode ray tube called Crookes tube (glass tube where applied current will produce electrons and cause flow across tube to the other side).
What is the definition of x-rays? An energy section in the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS).
What is the electromagnetic spectrum? A continuous band of measurable energies that are transported as a combination of electric and magnetic waves.
How is the electromagnetic spectrum divided? Based on the characteristics of the energy field.
What are the characteristics of electromagnetic radiation? Frequency- #/second (Hz) Wavelength- distance traveled (m) Velocity- "Speed of light" (m/s)
How are the electromagnetic sections identified ? Energy level, how the energy originated, and the way energy interacts with matter.
How is EMS radiation measured? Meters to angstrom
Created by: cccxray2013