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500 verbs d-g

European Portuguese 500 verbs

to dare (e.g., ~ to do sth) ousar, atrever (vt)
to date from datar (vi)
to deceive (vi, vt) enganar (vt)
to decide (e.g., ~ to do sth) decidir (vt)
to decorate (tree, street) decorar (vt)
to dedicate (book etc.) dedicar (vt)
to defend (a country etc.) defender (vt)
to defend oneself defender-se (vp)
to demand (request firmly) exigir (vt)
to denounce (vt) denunciar (vt)
to deny (declare untrue) negar (vt)
to depend on depender de (vi)
to deprive (vt) privar (vt)
to deserve (vt) merecer (vt)
to design (machine etc.) projetar, criar (vt)
to desire (want, wish) desejar (vt)
to despise (vt) desprezar (vt)
to destroy (documents etc) destruir (vt)
to differ (from sth) ser diferente
to dig (tunnel etc.) cavar (vt)
to direct (to send) indicar (vt)
to disappear (vi) desaparecer (vi)
to discover (new land etc.) descobrir (vt)
to discuss (talk about) discutir (vt)
to dismiss (from job) despedir (vt)
to disturb (vt) perturbar (vt)
to dive (vi) mergulhar (vi)
to divide (math) dividir (vt)
to do (vt) fazer (vt)
to do the Iaundry Iavar a roupa
to double (increase) dobrar (vt)
to doubt (have doubts) duvidar (de
to draw a conclusion tirar uma concIusão
to dream (daydream) sonhar (vt)
to dream (in sleep) sonhar (vi)
to drink (vi, vt) beber, tomar (vt)
to drive (a car) dirigir, conduzir (vt)
to drive sb away afugentar (vt)
to drop (let faIl) deixar cair (vt)
to drown (ab. person) afogar-se (vp)
to dry (clothes, hair) secar (vt)
to eat (vi, vt) comer (vt)
to eavesdrop (vi) escutar atrás da porta
to emit (smeII) emitir (vt)
to enter (on Iist) inscrever (vt)
to entertain (amuse) divertir (vt)
to equip (fit out) equipar (vt)
to examine (proposaI) examinar (vt)
to exchange sth trocar (vt)
to exclude, to expeI expulsar (vt)
to excuse (forgive) desculpar (vt)
to exist (vi) existir (vi)
to expect (anticipate) esperar (vt)
to hand out (distribute) distribuir (vt)
to expect (foresee) prever (vt)
to explain (vi, vt) explicar (vt)
to express (vt) expressar (vt)
to extinguish (a fire) extinguir, apagar (vt)
to fall in love (with ...) enamorar-se (de
to feed (provide food) alimentar (vt)
to feel (fear, regret) sentir (vt)
to fight (against the enemy) lutar (vt)
to fight (vi) lutar, brigar (vi)
to fill (glass, bottle) encher (vt)
to find (~ lost items) encontrar (VI)
to find out (make enquiries) encontrar (vt)
to finish (vt) acabar, terminar (vt)
to fish (with a line) pescar (vt)
to fit (about dress etc.) servir (vi)
to flatter (vi, vt) adular (vt)
to fly (bird, plane) voar (vi)
to follow (come after) ir atrés (de
to forbid (not allow) proibir (vt)
to force (compel) forcar (vt)
to forget (vi, vt) esquecer (vi)
to forgive (pardon) perdoar (vt)
to form (constitute) formar (vt)
to get dirty (vi) sujar-se (vp)
to get infected (with ...) contagiar-se com (vp)
to get irritated irritar-se (vp)
to get married casar-se (vp)
to get rid of livrar-se de (vp)
to take a rest descansar (vi)
to get tired ficar cansado
to get up (arise from bed) Ievantar-se (vp)
to give a hug, to hug (vt) abraçar (vt)
to give in (yieId to) ceder (vi)
to go (by car, train etc.) ir (vi)
to go (to walk) ir (vi)
to go for a swim banhar-se (vp)
to go out (for dinner etc.) sair (vt)
to go to bed ir para a cama
to greet (vt) saudar (vt)
to grow (plants) cultivar (vt)
to guarantee (assure) garantir (vt)
to guess right adivinhar (vt)
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