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Orchestra Terms

Quarter 3 Orchestra Vocabulary

pomposo stately, pompous
quasi almost, as if
rallentando (rall.) becoming slower
ritardando (ritard. or rit.) becoming slower
ritenuto (riten.) immediately slower
rinforzando a sudden accent
rubato free use of accel. and rit. within a measure without altering the duration of the measure as a whole
sans, senza without
scherzando playfully
segue continue without pausing
sempre always, throughout
sforzando (sfz.) a sudden accent
simile in the same manner
soli a section solo, or group of soloists
solo a part for one performer
sonore resounding, loud
sordino mute
sostenuto sustained
staccato detached
stringendo growing faster
subito suddenly, at once
tacet be silent
tempo rate of speed
grave solemn and very, very slow
largo very slow
adagio, lento, larghetto slow
andante moderately slow
andantino slightly faster than andante
moderato moderate, neither fast nor slow
allegretto moderately fast
allegro fast and lively
vivo, vivace very fast and intense
presto the fastest conventional tempo
prestissimo as fast as possible
tenuto held, sustained for full value
timbre tone color
tranquillo quiet, peaceful
trill a rapid alteration between the written note and the diatonic second above it
troppo too much
tutti all, with all performers
un, una, uno one
unison together on the same part or in octaves
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