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unit 3

internet a gigantic computer network that connects computers across the world
world wide web a way of accessing the huge collection of information, services, and web sites availablle through the internet.
web site specific location on the web that contains a collection of related files and resources by a person, group, or organization.
uniform resource locator (url) a web site's own unique internet address that no other web site can use
internet service provider (isp) a company that sells you access to the internet, usually for a monthly fee
web browser a software program that lets you surf the web and interact with web sites
electronic mail (e-mail) a communication sent from one person to another over the internet
netiquette the rules or manners one uses in electronic communications
spam unwanted e-mail sent by unknown person or business
firewall a hardware or software that protects a computer or network from intruders
home page the first web page an internet browser is set to access when opened
drill down to move from general information to more detailed information by exploring a series of folders, drop-down menus, or web pages.
site map an index of all the paon pges the site that you may use to jump stright to a page without drillinrg down
bookmark a shortcut stored in your browser that takes you directly to a web page
favorites internet explorer's term for web site bookmarks
history a record kept by a browser of every web page visited in the past few days or weeks
print preview a browser function used to see how a document or web page is going to appear on paper
search engine a special kind of web site that lets you search for other web pages using keywords
boolean search a search that uses keywords plus special symbols to find the exact information you want by eliminating search results that are too general or too broad.
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