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Literary terms

Key termdefinition
Alliteration Repetition of two or more consonant sounds in successive words.
Assonance Repetition of two or more vowel sounds in successive words.
Connotation An association that a word, image, or phrase may carry.
Denotation The literal dictionary meaning of a word.
Epic A long narrative poem....tracing the adventures of mythic hero. example=Odyssey
Epiphany A moment of insight, discovery, or revelation.
Genre Combination of literry form and suject matter. example=science fiction, gothic, horror, detective, etc.
Lyric Short poem expressing thoughts and feelings of a single speaker, Often written in the first person.
Monologue An extended speach by a single character.
Motivation What the character in the story wants.
Motif An element that recurs significantly throughout a narrative.
Narrative A poem that tells a story.
Onomatopoeia Literary device that attempts to represent a thing or action that imitates a sound that associated with it. (e.g. crash, bang, etc.)
Persona Latin for "Mask". A fictitious character created by the author to be the speaker, always the narrator.
Setting The time and place of a literary work.
Subgenres A subcategory within a particular genre: The academic mystery is a subgenre of the mystery novel.
Novel An extended work of fictional prose narrative.
Fiction From the Latin "Ficio" Any literary work that made up by the authors imagination.
Nonfiction A genre in which actual events are presented.
Apprenticeship Novel "Bildungsroman" German for novel growth or development. Depicts a youth who struggles toward maturity. (Dicken's David Copperfield)
Epistolary Novel A novel in which the story is told by ways of letters.
Picaresque Novel Narrative that presents the life of a likable scoundral who is at odds with respectable society.
Novella A prose narrative longer than a short story but shorter than a novel.
Prose The ordinary form of spoken or written language.
Subplot - Double Plot A second story or plotline that is complete and interesting.
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