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Muscular System

The muscle found in the internal organs and blood vessels. Smooth Muscles
Muscle found in the heart. Cardiac
Muscles that surround the bones. skeletal
Muscles that move automatically, they are not under our conscious control. Involuntary
Muscles that are under conscious control, we instruct them to perform everyday actions. Voluntary
Longest muscle Sartorius
Chest muscle Pectoralis Major
Thigh Muscle Quadricep
The muscle you use to flex your arm. Bicep
The muscle you use to extend your arm. Tricep
Skeletal muscles make up about what percent of our muscles? 90%
Tearing a muscle fiber Strain
Prolonged contraction of a muscle Muscle Cramp
Complete tear of a muscle. Most serious of injuries Muscle tear
Swelling of the tendons due to over use Tenonitis
Calf Muscle Gastocnemius
The muscle you sit on Gluteus Maximus
The muscle that is paired with the abs erectors
The muscle paired with the quadricep Hamstring
How many muscles are found in the human body Over 600
What muscle raises your arm sideways at the shoulder Deltoid
Which muscle bends your arm at the elbow Biceps
Which muscle flexes your trunk so you can bend forward Abdominals
Which muscle straighten your leg at the knee and keep it straight when you stand Quadriceps
Which muscle raises your arm at the shoulder. Draws it across your chest Pectorals
Which muscle pulls your arm down at the shoulder. Draws it behind your back Latissimus Dorsi
Which muscle holds and rotates your shoulders. Moves your head back and sideways Trapezius
Which muscle straightens your arm at the elbow Tricep
Which muscle bends your leg at the knee Hamstring
Which muscle straightens the ankle joint so you can stand on tiptoes Gastrocnemius
Isotonic/Concentric Muscles shorten as they contract
Isotonic/Eccentric Muscles lengthen as they contract under tension
Isometric Muscles stay the same length as they contract
Flexors Contracting to bend our joints.
Extensors Contracting to straighten joints.
What type of muscle fibers would a distance runner have more of? Slow Twitch
What type of muscle fibers would a sprinter have? Fast Twitch
Which connective tissue attaches muscles to bone? Tendon
Erectors Flex your trunk so you can bend backwards
Hypertrophy the muscles increase in size
Atrophy the muscle decreases in size
When a muscle works out, what does the muscle temperature do? Rise or decrease Rise
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